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By Freek at 12:57 pm on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I remember the time I had to deal with my O level results.

It was after a great 3 months of slacking and goofing off with new found friends in JC. What with us skipping class together as a class, being caught for throwing water bombs at each other, exchanging school uniforms and masquerading as a person from another school?and giving nicknames to interesting(or cute)?characters/guys that walked by the place. Haha.. those were the days.

And when the time came for the results to be out, it hit me hard that neither one of us were sure whether we’d end up in that place again or not.

I remember, me and Chewie, we took a long bus ride the day before the results. *lol* If I’m not mistaken, we took bus 14 and just sat in for the whole journey. But somehow, halfway through, we sorta panicked, alighted at God-knows-where at that time(I found out years later that it was?Dover), crossed the street and took another service 14 back to Bedok. Heh. Talk about relieving stress, we got stressed by the journey in the end.

And so, when the day of the results came, it was all scary. When I sat down in front of my darling Mr Tay, he looked at me very seriously. The kind of look he would never give me(except if I really pissed him off by not doing my work), me being one of the clowns in the the otherwise, nerdy first express class in the school at that time.

“Eh, makcik. Cepat duduk.” I remember him saying to me. He then shook my hands, gave that nerdy smile of his, and said, “Congrats!” That was enough for me. Of course, there were a number of teachers who were keen on knowing my results at that time. Especially teachers who had a certain expectation of me. But all that mattered to me was, my parents’ support paid off and I didn’t let them down.

And so, to my sister, who just got her O results this year and, alhamdullilah, managed to pull through to be eligible for J.C, the same one I went to, congrats. Interestingly enough, I’ve been deciding most of the subjects she should be learning from the time she was in Sec 1. I’m glad she managed them. I pray she gets into that JC since her interest is in ML. Oh well, I guess, there’ll be another ML teacher in the family in the future. All I have to do now, is to push her.

So she doesn’t flunk the way I did in JC. *lol*

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