*Monday morning….*

By Freek at 6:46 am on Monday, April 3, 2006

Things NOT to do –

1) Be too detailed and so as not to eliminate possible surprises.
2) Sound like a broken record.

Though am in pink today, am feeling the blues.

Such a cliche, but yeah, it’s there nonetheless.

Had to take a taxi to school today since I had an enormous amount of books to carry back. Had marking done at home. Lesson plans for tomorrow’s big observation day with my R.O and the Boss, all done. Kinda having jitters, bugs, butterflies, slugs and what-have-you’s in my stomach. Feel like shitting too, but what’s gotta be done, gotta be done. Pray that I’ll get through it tomorrow.

Aight, am off for guard-duty in a while. Yeah, stand at the gate and observe the kids streaming into the school.

“Adakah panggil orang woi, woi, woi! Apa saya ni batu, ingge, kayu, ingge?” Khwekrhwekr…..

*62 days….*

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