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By Freek at 8:40 pm on Thursday, November 2, 2006

Dressing up today caused some colleagues to go “Wahhh! Today so pretty ah?”. Hari lain tak pretty ke? =p  Well, on other days, I usually dress-down, no lenses and all. Today, since the kids insisted I followed to their houses, I had to dress-up. If I’m without Dy or if there is no special occasion like meeting the girls in town or something, it’s just unnecesary to dress up, aye?
Anyways, the leader of the pack, and the self-proclaimed “son” of mine, instructed me to stop working at 2.30 and meet them at the school bustop by that time. It was cool to see the 10-year olds dress up. Hehe.. So after 3 houses in AMK, we made our way towards my place. Armed with handphones to update their naturally-worried parents, the kids took the long journey with me back to Bdk.

And the 2 behind me, are my 2 “sons”. The one beside me, is my P1 boy. One funny thing was, when he saw a picture of a Ka’bah in someone’s house, he said, “Ah, ini tempat Al-Fateha!” One of the cutest being on Earth. Like his serak-serak kinda voice. Tapi, yang penting, dia belajar bagus! Heh….

So, after spending just 10 minutes at my place, they went off. It was 6pm when they left. Waited for them to board the bus home. Alhamdullilah, their back at their home-ground safely.

Now, I’m waiting for Saturday. Meeting the Kg girls and maybe, jalan-jalan Raya with Dy. Hurrah!

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Comment by katak

November 3, 2006 @ 10:47 am

Mother of 17 ? Nak kena cari bungalow lah like that 😛

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