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By Freek at 8:15 am on Thursday, April 27, 2006

Woah. Yesterday has go to be one of my longest days. And there’ll be about 6 more of those days to come.

I had a full day from 0745-1830hrs. Back home, American Idol was on the list and boy, Chris is such a wonderful singer. Bryan Adams’ “Have you ever really loved a woman” has been one of those songs which I would listen to and then dream that someone would sing to me or something. *lol* And Chris did the song real good – smooth, sexy and with that bit of rock – a damn good combi. Well, he has been my favourite in the show and yesterday was definitely good.

Then I stuck around to catch some weird documentary about weird stuff on Central. Wanted to stay to watch “Anatomy of a Shark” but after a while, my eyes grew real heavy against my will. That was about 10.45pm.

My body didn’t wanna wake up when the alarm sounded at 5.15, and in bus 22, I overslept and ended up at the interchange instead of my usual stop before it. Ah well, as if that wasn’t good enough, I slept on the feeder bus to school and it’s only 2 stops to school!

Goodness. What is frigging wrong with me? Oh, I just remembered. Must be the energy-draining day I’ve had in school yesterday! Sheesh!

Thank God, mum made breakfast for me and I’m all perked up – set for another looOOoong day in my second home. Adios!

36 days to go……

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