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By Freek at 11:58 am on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can’t think up a?good title but come to think of it, it explains what I wanna update about.

Newsy news. Double news.

Aaliya, God Willing, will be getting 2 younger cousins next year. Hurrah!

Finally, I get to have twins in my family.

Oklah, not exactly MY family. But Dy’s family. Sis-in-law.

I’m excited. I’ve always liked looking at twins. Have a particular pair in my school I adore. Though I like the idea of having twins myself, twins?are just not in my genes. And also, I’d rather have someone else go through it.?Dahtu, aku bolehlah romos! By that time, Aaliya would be almost a year old and bolehlah aku ajak dia romos sekali!


Eeee…. bestnya!!!

Kakak Aaliya. *lol* Or Kakak Syaimah as my in-laws family calls her.

Now that’s a thought.

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