*Of laziness….*

By Freek at 10:22 am on Sunday, January 20, 2008

I’m supposed to be doing my lesson plans or one of those staggering numbers of worksheet/activity booklets I’m assigned/volunteered to do.

But, I’m feeling kinda lazy. Which is contrary to what the Lil’ One is doing. He/she’s been busy rolling around in my tummy. Yeaps, since it IS getting bigger, I’m already feeling more than the brushing of it’s fingers/legs. When I get Dy to place his hands on me tummy to feel, he’s like, “Eh, a’ah dia gerak!” but quickly removes his hand from it. Dy, it’s your baby moving around. It’s not going to burst out like some alien baby! =p

I think by now, I roughly know when he/she relaxing/sleeping – I feel a pushy kinda pain on my left side of the tummy for a period of time (prolly from its head/legs bein rested there) and if it’s no longer relaxing/sleeping, the pain will go away and I’ll feel it whirling around. Very exciting, really. Heh. And after a big, big meal, my tummy can’t stretch enough and feels like it’ll tear at any moment. Felt like that after the meal at Fish&Co with my colleagues on Friday. My goodness, perut macam nak koyak, sak!

Speaking of laziness, so, like yesterday night, Dy & I stayed in, and so I fell asleep way early than I usually do. When I finally woke up, I felt the Lil’ One busy doing it’s rolling around. My body wanted to get out of bed but my brain insisted on staying on it. I guess my brain’s just exhausted from being squeezed to a dry pulp with all that thinking I had to do for class decoration and activity-sheet construction the whole week. I might even go into bimbo-mode for the day if my brain doesn’t wake up soon. I’m glad though that the Lil’ One has a mind of it’s own and is exercising without waiting for me. Mum says I’d have to remain active so that it stays active and somehow, it’ll be easier during delivery.

Anyhows, a friend of mine will be getting married today. I’m feeling a bit awkward on going since it’s been a long time since we kept in touch but since she already sent the invite, it’s kinda bad if I didn’t go, huh? Ah well, we shall see about that.

Maybe a nice, long shower will do the trick.

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Comment by Ida

January 21, 2008 @ 9:48 am

hey babe, thx yar….i’m kind of have this up and down feeling….nonetheless, i feel a kind of satisfaction after achieving the objective of the class..thx to my p6..i think it will just take time before everything falls into place..thx once again..and take gd care of u and ur lil one yar….

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