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By Freek at 10:50 pm on Thursday, December 4, 2008

School holidays have been fun so far. Though Dy & I didn’t manage to go on holiday since Aaliya doesn’t have passport yet, we’ve managed to get the much needed R & R we needed. We’ve managed to catch up on LAN gaming, on sleep and also going to places we don’t really have the time to on normal school days.

But most fun of all, would be watching our lil one start talking. Hehe. It’s nice that we have now managed to hold conversations with the Chubby One (not conversations of “goos”s and “ga”s but normal people speech, ok). Although most of her replies consist of 2-seconds “Mm”s, “Hey”s, “Ah”s, “Oh”s and 2 or 3 syllabic gibberish, it has been so cool. I hear her voice and I can imagine abit how she’ll talk when she gets around to it. Right now, she does a bit of mimckry as well. She responds VERY well to my bro. He will go, “Hey!!!!” to her and she goes, “Hey!” Hehe..

Remember the time she ‘said’ “Hello”? Those are great coincidental moments. Just like the other day, my mum & I were sitting with Aaliya.

(Aaliya, in her walker,?scratching her head)

Mum: Hah, garuk-garuk. Biar botak kepala tu.

Me: A’ah, biar botak lagi?kepala yang dah botak..

Aaliya: (B)otak!

I tell you, it was hilarious how clear the words came out of her mouth. Sigh, my little darling’s growing up SOOOOO fast!

Can’t wait for her to call me Iboo!

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