*Oooh.. what a rush…*

By Freek at 12:59 pm on Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Heh. Suddenly remembered that all-too-familiar Legion of Doom line.(that’s the pair from when W/W/E used to be called W/W/F).

Which applies to things going on around my life. A mad-rush. Yes, I’m back to my normal self again. Feel rather liberated again. Thank you.

The rush is, of course, since next week’s the last week of school and a whole lot of things being cramped into the small duration. Kinda excited the year is going to end. As I think back, it felt just like a few months back when I first dreaded the start of the new year. Now that December is approaching, I’m sure I would be feeling that same dread by mid-month.

Back to week 9 of school though, of course, there’s the rush of having to picking up at lessons where we left off. But yeah, almost done with that. I warned my 10-year olds yesterday that they were to sit outside if they didn’t bring my book. It’s kinda funny that ALL of them brought their workbooks today. *lol* I need more time to groom my 7 year olds to be that way though. Gulps!

And then there’s that “Malay Dance girl” we have to draw up to put at the wall as decor. I took a picture of it. Will put it here once I get to upload it to my laptop. Didn’t really do much yesterday. Darn tired. So much so that I.. erm.. took taxi to school this morning. Argh!

There’s also the frenzy of sending out the invitation cards. Initially, wanted to post them to letterboxes. In the end, I bought 3 stamp booklets and we just posted them. Wahahak…


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