By Freek at 1:45 am on Saturday, November 25, 2006

The new James Bond song’s on repeat mode in my player. Honestly, this is the first time I like any of double-o-seven’s stories. Those previous ones, I thought, just had too much sleaze factor. The one with “Mister Bosnan”(remember how that Thai tuk-tuk guy in the Visa/Mstrcard advert pronounced the name?), was ok to me too. Only problem I had was, too, gadgetty. But I enjoyed this latest one. D. Craig doesn’t have that ‘gatal’ factor about him. And yeah, there was an almost naked B-ond who looked, oh so fine! Haha.

I miss my Dy. Hehe. Never mind. Just 1 week to go. Weeee….
Anyways, here’s some recent pictures I took recently.

This is me with my youngest sister. She kinda looks like me when I was younger. So, when you juxtapose me with a 13 year old, you can’t say I’m 17 anymore! =p

Yesterday, my baby baked for me. Yes. My baby baked. Hehe. He made me cookies.

It looked real good. I was so impressed by how cookie-ish they looked. Really sweet of him to spend his off-day morning, doing this for me. I didn’t really bother on how it tasted cos’ I was just overwhelmed by his effort and sincerity. I couldn’t ask for more. =)

If you had headed down to East Coast this afternoon(Friday) and found the Komala’s open eating area closed, this is the reason.

My school had a Learning Journey for us teachers. Yeaps, the teachers’ on excursion. So, we invaded Komala’s and got to see the person making.. yum yum.. dosai. One of these dosais ended up in my tummy. These are normal-sized dosais.

And for me, I learned that they served family dosai. This is how big the spread is.

And this is how it looks like after it’s cooked. The guy said the cooking place he was using was small compared to the one in their kitchen. And if you thought the one below is big, the guy said the ones they make are about 1.2m. Darn big. *ulps* Another thing I learned, too, was the difference in ingredient between idli and dosai. Hehe.

Anyways, after that we went to Little India and all. Was informative. So, the next time around, I’ve been eyed to do the one for Malay. Any ideas? Heh. After doing the last bit of admin work in school after the trip(so that I don’t have to go to school next week), I met up with Witt. She dragged me to Soo Kee jewellery and insisted I bought something. Haha. Settled for my wedding shoe and so, yeps, to those who’ll be coming, you’ll see the shoe. Heh.

Before settling for the shoe though, we went to eat. Witt kept looking at the pitiful looking boy who served us. Cheng Bing or something was his name. Hehe. He was helpful though. So, Witt got us a Pleasure Pair – an Opera and a Blueberry cheesecake. And since it was supposed to be “Pleasure Pair”, I decided we were to pose, well, pleasurably.

Unfortunately for Witt, it was more of the sleepy look and then sleazy. *lol*

And as for me, I, well, look tired. Heh. Thanks, Witt for the treat and the shoes! *muah*

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Comment by Suhaila

November 25, 2006 @ 2:12 pm

Haha, you’re welcome! Thanks for the great night babe! 😉

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