*Our First Night…*

By Freek at 4:50 pm on Saturday, May 31, 2008

We were discharged yesterday in the evening. I crawled to the car (the wound from the C-sect hurt, obviously and the backache from the epidural hasn’t worn off) and we brought the precious one home.

Finally, a baby to put in our cot. Hehe.

So, after my in-laws left at around 11pm, we brought Baby Aaliya in to sleep.

1/2 hour later, she woke us up. And 1/2 hour afterwards. And 1/2hour after that and then after that and after that…… till dawn.

My poor Dy.?Hai, baru setengah jam!?He said. *lol*?But I”m glad he woke up as well cos?Aaliya would?somehow automatically?be quiet when he held her.

Apparently, our baby sleeps in the day time and only at night do you get to see her eyes wide opened. And during the whole night when I didn’t sleep beside her, I get to gaze her in the eyes and watch her as she?looked around?the room.?One time, she looked?in the direction of?her dad sleeping. Hehe. And when she realized Dy wasn’t moving, she gave a loud cry which obviously jolted him.

The beginning of sleepless nights.

What’s in store for tonight?

I wonder.


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Comment by ain

June 3, 2008 @ 7:35 pm

aaliyah baby qiyamulai or die nak abh tahajud kot..hehehe

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