By Freek at 11:45 pm on Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last year, Dy & I spent our 1st year anniversary in hospital.

At that time, I was admitted due to bleeding from my first pregnancy.

We had an anniversary cake(which I ordered from the cupcake lady in my links) and also, he was a wonderful company for me despite the looming fact that?the pregnancy?was not meant to be because it wasn’t time for us to be parents yet. But I was comforted for a fact that I had a supportive and loving man in my life and I?believe God knows best.

This year, well, today to be exact, our (official) union turns 2. This year,?we celebrated?our anniversary?in confinement again albeit in our own home. I didn’t/couldn’t make any plans for it so we just got a cake from Polar Cake to celebrate. Heh.

But I feel doubly blessed this year.

I have an amazing husband and now, a cute little baby to add to our little family.

Two.?2nd year anniversary. 2 wonderful souls in my life.

i could never ask for more.

Dear, I love you. I’m grateful to be able to watch you in peaceful sleep beside me each night. I’m thankful I get to wake up and see you beside me every morning. To feel your warm embrace. Your soothing kisses. Thank you for staying by me and being my pillar of strength these past years together. Thank you, Baby.

p/s: Although 2 means 2 special people, the 3rd year doesn’t mean 3 people. =p

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Comment by LInda

June 7, 2008 @ 11:45 pm

Hope its not too late for me to wish u & hub a Happy Annivesary..ehem..who knws..nxt yr..got 3 “winks..ehehe

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