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By Freek at 1:15 pm on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Despite being on m.c yesterday, I am still feeling deprived of sleep. Basically because even being on m.c, I was doing work from evening all the way till almost midnight. And then there’s the waking up in the wee hours to pee and also waking up early for work. Also the fact that Baby A’s getting very, very strong and I can feel him/her pushing at my tummy and him/her taking up so much space inside and I’m getting that gert feeling all over again, nausea and all. (By the way, I took a video of him/her moving along my tummy. I’d prolly put it up on my Multiply, so, message me if you wanna see, aye? *lol*)

Of course I’m not blaming my baby for my sleep deprivation. In fact, I’m glad it’s getting stronger and it’s moving around much. I guess it’s one of those period of time when I feel so bogged down with work. I got cranky so much so, that I screamed at my kids today. I didn’t intend to, and whatever they were screamed at wasn’t really that bad or anything. But I guess the kids understand that I have my ‘off’ days sometimes and after a while, they prolly forgot all about being yelled at as I got them going into a discussion, running their imagination a little.

It also didn’t help that I had observation today and I think it went badly despite the amount of time I took preparing for it. I’m just waiting for the verdict but I think it’s going to be bad. I took a clean 15minutes just getting ready since the rooms I usually?use for lessons were taken up by the school and I?had to rush?for an alternative spot. Even to the fourth floor. After I found one,? ended up it did not have that cable connecting to the projector. I thought I’d just do it the manual way – using the whiteboard, but, well, there was a reason why I had to die-die try to get the pc working. Thankfully, it could start up, so, ok.. good. Or so I thought.

And guess what? No mouse! Right! And I know I’m handicapped without a mouse on a desktop and I wished Dy was there to tell me what to press. So, I just pressed whatever key I could and in the end, I managed to open the file I wanted. But I had to scream at the kids every now and then as they were a bit over-excited by the fact that I brought fruits for them to taste in the activity. In a way my fault, and I wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t an observation. But yeah, I think I sucked.

Now, I’m really tired. I’m munching on the big bag of peanut m&ms that I bought at Mustafa’s yesterday and if I don’t find something that would trigger my happy hormones right now, this big bag’s gonna be gone sooner than the amount of time I get to sleep.


It’s times like these that I bite.?

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Comment by Suhaila

April 8, 2008 @ 5:29 pm

Hey babe, cheer up! Observations are never smooth all the way; bound to be hiccups along the way. But that’s what makes us great teachers — the ability to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

I’m feeling not so great too due to a STELLAR (not by the P nor VP nor RO) observation I just had today (3.25-4.25pm). Water spilled on the floor (it was right after recess), the radio for one of my learning stations didn’t work in the end, one kid forgot what to do and ended up taking a book from his *bag* (!!)…it was a total mess. But hey, all I know is that my yoga class tonight and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s that I’m going to consume right after that are going to make up for all that mess.

So, cheer up babe! Hope to see you one last time before you kena confined for err, 1-3 months? Heh.


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