By Freek at 1:49 pm on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please, don’t make me do something I can’t.

Stop it.


And stop making me feel guilty about it.


It’s a big irony, this entry and my previous one.

There I was, rambling about how I cried when my daughter fell from her pram, but on Sunday, I visited a mum who was grieving over the loss of her 3-4year old son.

The boy had been in a pitiful state when he was alive. He was mentally incapacitated, and often went into a fit or seizure. His development was quite slow, too. Even at his age, he could not sit on his own, could not move too much and to top it all up, he had breathing problems and a lot of phlegm in his lungs or something. And his eyesight wasn’t good either.

So, maybe you think he died from one of the above. No.It’s really sadder than that.

A?few days back, he got admitted due to his asthma or something. I’ve seen him in hospital a few months back. The poor boy had to be tied up in case he rolled over cos’ you know, he can’t really move himself.

But apparently, on the day that he died, he was not tied. He was certified to go home.

However, he rolled over and I guess, he must’ve suffocated cos’ by the time the nurse came, he was already blue and no longer breathing.

I really is a blow to all of us. I mean, if he was to breathe his last from any of his sickness, it would prolly have been easier to let go. But the way he did, raised so much question especially that of negliegence. But I suppose, God wants him by His side. He did look really peaceful when I saw him lying on his hospital bed.

Please, say a little prayer for Adam Azahari.


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