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By Freek at 12:06 am on Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sometimes I wonder why some people can keep on licking their own crap.

One moment they can be so full of themselves – like – yakking about having a number of suitors to pick and choose from or bragging about setting up their own business so as to be self-employed/self-sufficient or even sarcastically commenting on people who were kind enough to give something to them though it may not have been anything much.

And the next, they are so full of self-pity – like – lamenting on how their looks have made them learn much about the world or trying to look for full-time employment or trying to save enough to further their studies.

That’s what I call PATHETIC.

Anyways, half the weekend is gone. Dy came over at my place and we spent the afternoon LAN gaming. Battlefield 1942. May sound like an ancient game, but heck, I’ll enjoy it while I slowly save up for Star Wars Battlefront game. That’s gonna be such a great game to play with Dy in future. *sparkling eyes*

Left with Sunday to slog my ass off. It’s gonna be a hectic week since I’ve got about 2 weeks left to finish up 5 levels of exam papers. It’s crazy but since there’s only 2 of us in my department, that kinda responsibility’s inavoidable. Well, for now, I’m just gonna concentrate doing worksheets/lesson plans/stuff for the week.

It is afterall, THE weekend to THE HIGHLIGHT of my 23rd Jan week. The weekend to the Backstreet week. Pardon me for the broken-record entries, I can’t help it. Am so incredibly excited, I could self-combust.

And to think, after this week, it’s another exciting but MORE important week for me for 2-0-0-6.

Yeah, about 9 days left till I hit the fifth year with Dy. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a long time to some people but it’s surreal to me all the same to have someone share my ups and downs and even my mood swings and all for the past 5 years.

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Comment by Suhaila

January 22, 2006 @ 2:39 am

Well-said! And yes, enjoy yourself at the concert babe. Sneak in a pic or two if you’re able to! 😉

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