By Freek at 2:32 pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unlike yesterday, I had to drag myself out of bed today. Even tried napping while standing up in the bus. My fault for insisting on watching the Ita-Aus match. Mr Sw was asking, “So Suhainis, which Ita men were you ogling at yesterday?”

“Well, all of them, Mr Sw. That’s why now my eyes cannot open,” I said. Heh.

If you had watched it with me yesterday, you‘d see how berserk I was. Screamed with pillow-to-mouth(it was midnight anyways) when the Aus attacked and I was rolling on the ground at lost opportunity as if being exorcised. But then again, yesterday’s macth kept everybody on their toes.

I do think both team played real well, but then, what would a woman like me know? More importantl, get to see the Azzuris in action for another round. Woohoo! In the end, though they were the ones playing, I was the one panting heavily and going to sleep with a racing heart. Ahakz.

Met the P2s for Art just now. Seriously, how hard could folding a paper into half, with dotted lines as guide, be? I found out the hard way. Big-bolded dotted lines and some can fold it 3 inches below or above it. “Mdm Suhainis, I don’t know how to fold!”

Yes, I can see that.

Sigh.. but it was, fun. Hehe. I’m thinking, origami isn’t going to part of my lessons at the moment. Psycho-motor skills still to be worked on.

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Comment by katak

June 27, 2006 @ 3:14 pm

Ogle eh? hmph !!

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