*The first quarter….*

By Freek at 3:38 pm on Friday, November 23, 2007

Today marks the end of the first quarter of my life.

Kinda unnerving. Just like the day I turned 20.

Though that was just 5 years ago, so many things have happened since which differentiates me then and now.

But as I ponder about it again, there’s not much of a difference between me then and now. The only obvious difference is that now I have MORE responsibilities – have a career which requires me to uphold what values I disseminate to the future generation, a husband whom I love dearly, an extended family consisting of my lovely in-laws, being in-charge of household finances a.k.a Finance Minister of my home and, God willing, an added responsibility of educating my own. Responsibilities which I think, I couldn’t have done as well if I were to shoulder them, say, 5 years ago.

Besides that, I believe I am also more mellowed down then before. I don’t blow my top that much and I’ve been more successful in taming my swings. I’m more observant, more accepting of ideas, less rebellious and make lotsa mental notes of things to or not to do be it in my personal, career or social life. All these, if it were to be compared with me 5 years back. Ouh, and yah, I don’t get my i/c checked anymore when I go for movies. *winks*
Other than those, I am basically,? still the same old me. Still shy on initial meetings, still? being called “gila” constantly, still like making people laugh, still enjoy company of friends. I’m still fidgety – needing to move or do something every single second (or as Dy puts it, like a shark who needs to move constantly or else would die drowning). I still love donning jeans and wearing slippers. I am still 156cm and I still have a problem of weight which keeps on fluctuating(and it will only keep increasing throughout this few months).

So I guess, in the end, age is but a number.

It’s what is done within each passing year which counts. Whether we’ve done enough for ourselves in this life and the next.

Oh Allah, on this day and the days to come, please make me a better and stronger Muslim. Help me become a better wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, student, teacher, friend and with Your will, a good mother. Rain down your blessings on the people around me. May they have the happiness they seek and a long but blessed life ahead of them.

I think I’ll only panic in another 5 years, aye?

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