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By Freek at 12:37 am on Sunday, June 25, 2006

Right now, I’m in the midst of doing my lesson plans. Taking a break from it. Watchin Ger-Swe match at the same time.

If you saw me on Friday, you would have seen my face glistening.

My time-table is superb!

Though I would miss some of my darling angels from the 1, 2 and 3, especially my Hzqh, I’m just glad one heavy responsibility is out of my hands. I’m hoping, with Cikgu Kh. taking over, that little boy will be able to study. Sigh.

But yeah, since I’m having less kids and less periods, I’m given something else. Imagine me taking Art & Craft. Hehe. Right. Though I may always be seen doodling crap, doesn’t mean I’m a creative or artistic. Thank goodness it’s primary school art. And the best part is, not a subject you’d worry about marking. Heh. And as Cikgu Kh. said, don’t be too excited about the timetable since, well, the freer we are, the more susceptible we are to doing relief.
So, yeah, mixed feelings at the moment. Excited to go back to school but dreading the bus trip to and fro. Usually, my energy is drained from the trip itself. Bummer.


Had a wonderful Saturday with Dy. Spent a bit of time at home and then off to airport and Changi for a night out. After a while, got tired and we went around looking for hotels. Not to spend the night in though. (shucks!) Were looking for prospective places for occasional extra-special rendezvous in times to come since, well, we’ll be staying in our parents’ house for a while.

I saw the exterior of Scarlet and am loving it. So, am at my wit’s end to choose between Swissotel and Scarlet. =(   But what’s important is, I’ll reach both places some day. Right, Dy? Heh.


Ah well, reality check. Gonna continue with my lesson plans now. Adios, amigos.

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Comment by bedah

June 26, 2006 @ 11:39 pm

ahem… scarlet or swissotel… alah both can lah… one for now one for another time… hehe =p and ahhh glad day one of sch sounds good cikgu… bubbye

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