By Freek at 1:03 pm on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I actually typed an entry but something went wrong.

Oh well.

Anyways, my it’s been a week but the sore in my?throat is still not going away. All I can do is drink more water when I buka?I guess. Speaking of which, craving for sweet corn drink. Yum yum.

This year, Dy & I have decided to only buy 2 sets of Hari Raya clothes. Although I don’t know how many of my previous years clothes I can still fit into and I can’t share with my sisters anymore due to my expanding waist and bustline, I’m not putting much effort into shopping and?dressing up for Raya this year. The excitement to celebrate hss somewhat, diminished as I get older. Besides, being an adult during Hari raya is no fun for the pockets at all. *lol*

Bought a kebaya for Aaliya. Bought a similar one for myself as well albeit I’ve to buy a size bigger than last year’s. Wait a minute, I didn’t even celebrate raya last year. Was busy throwing up 5-8 times a day being pregnant! Sigh. But no matter. I tried the kebaya on her and she looked so darn cute. Haha. Can’t wait to dress her up again. Now, I’ve only to buy her a slingback. Maklumlah, nak collection.


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Comment by ain

September 16, 2008 @ 6:18 pm

sling bag ke..hehehe kak make sure buy a big one tau..maklum la the 1st grand daughter kan sure dpt duit banyak.hehehehe

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