*Of walking….*

By Freek at 10:05 am on Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lugging around excess baggage seriously isn’t pleasant. Screw it and walk on.

Believe me.

Been through it.


Caught C/S/I’s last episode on 5 yesterday. Was seriously dead-tired but yeaps, the trailers looked good and so, I could’nt possibly miss it. Needless to say, I fell asleep after an hour but, somehow, I managed to wake up in a jolt and catch the last 15 minutes of the 2 hour show. Frigging exciting.

Yesterday’s episode was directed by Q.T. The guy who did K-ill-B-ill, yah? So, kinda saw his typical touch in it. The person buried alive scene is frigging scary.

Bottom line is though, it was a great last episode and a piece of good news for Dy, I won’t be staying up on Tuesdays anymore since the next series coming up doesn’t intrigue me. 10pm is the only time I watch my t.v so, yeaps, can’t really help that I’d stay up to watch even if I have to wake up at 5am everyday, can I? Am waiting for what next Wednesday has in store since P-roject-R-Way is ending this week.

So Mondays-A/N/T/M and Grey’s A… Tuesdays-early rest… Wednesdays-P/R… Thursdays-L/o/s/t and C-in-Chief… Friday-early rest.

Hehe… can, Dy?


Meeting with a potential cameraman for my wedding. See if it works out. Then, I’m all set for December. Yeay!

Will have a Sports for Life Walk with the staff this afternoon. Actually, there’s a 2.4KM run. But we all know that I have never passed my 2.4KM (save for that 1.6km in P6 but that too because I and my partner helped reduce each other’s number of rounds..ehem..) in my whole schooling life. So, despite my ‘young’ age, I shall be walking.

Ok, more like strolling actually.


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By Freek at 10:58 pm on Saturday, August 26, 2006


I am dead tired.

Ironic that I’m even typing this out.

Just wanted to say that my kids did real well yesterday. Despite last minute arrangement with 2 older kids backing out, my 8 little darls adapted wonderfully. I mean, to teach P1 kids new dialogue or altering sequence on the performance day and expecting them to deliver is kinda tough. But, alhamdullilah, they caught on pretty fast. They were so hyper while waiting at the canteen but when they were backstage, saw them transform into nervous little children. Hehe.

“Chekgoo, saya takutlah.”


But yeaps, like a mother watching her kids, I was proud of them though they are not mine lerr.. Here they are. Took them with my handphone cam so, not that sharp. They performed a few seconds play+song – Nenek, nenek si Bongkok Tiga.

P1 Kids

This coming Tuesday, they’ll be performing again. An addition for me is, my P4 doing the Syair-Drama I’ve practised with them for a few weeks now. Hopefully, all goes well.

A few projects to work on:

1) My birds cut-outs for next term’s lesson. (kinda excited though I haven’t even finished the current unit..*lol*)

2) Froggie-gloves for P1.

3) Tanjak for my “Tanggang”.

4) Puppets for bercerita.

5) New website layout. (rolls eyes)

Aight, gonna catch some sleep. And since nobody at home for the night, I’d go topless. *lol* Oops!


Dead tired.

Peace. Out.

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By Freek at 11:05 am on Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Looking back, I realized I wrote an entry about transforming into Tarzan in a feat of anger with the kids. Yesterday, I was like the Incredible Hulk.

Got so angered, I almost turned green (which was freeky since I was wearing green too), and yeaps, I kicked a chair while demonstrating how angry I was. Yes, they have realized that I can be a monster too.

After a bit of lecture, I returned to my original form in a matter of seconds. I hate being angry with my P1s and P4s. They’re a good lot. And my kids know that I don’t like being angry with them and most of the time, they try to adhere to that arrangement – when simple rules are followed, we’ll enjoy learning but when the rules are broken, hell hath no fury like a chekgoo scorned. Erm..

I guess that’s the good thing about my kids. They understand that they will have fun when I’m not angry with them. I just blame their apparent lack of hearing yesterday due to the chaos arising from the rehearsal.

Anyways, these days, I need my daily dose of back-breaker hug from Dy. You know, the way when you crack your knuckles once in a while? Yeaps, I make Dy do that to my back. It feels damn good every time. More of relieved.

Speaking of back, I guess I’m getting old. I bring this sling bag to school everyday and these days, I will put the back behind me on the chair when I take the long busride to AMK from BDK. Yeaps, sorta need the angle the bag provides. But who can blame me? A 30-minute ride every single day (minus weekends), to and from. Sigh.

Elevation sounds like a kinky word.


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By Freek at 9:08 pm on Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life in school this week.

– realized that some of my brighter P1s are picking up on my sarcasm.

– stressed with CA2 coming up next week

– doing props for P1 performance next Friday night and Malay Competition-cum-Concert on Tuesday. Just my luck that we don’t have any more days left to practice. Sigh. But being me, I’m confident of my kids, cos’ with what we have going, the kids don’t like disappointing themselves, their classmates and me.

– P/s/l/e invigilation – got lost

Aight, here’s something interesting thing to share. Don’t know whether I had the same fear when I was a kid, but this is what the kid feels when he went to watch “Cars” with his family at a neighbourhood cinema.

Saya duduk dekat sama keluarga saya kerana saya takut orang culik atau curi saya dan membawa saya ke Arab atau Pakistan.

And if you missed “Wild Wild West” aired last Sunday, don’t fret. Here’s a synopsis for you done by one of my kids who attempted to tell me about his favourite movie.

Saya suka tengok cerita “Wild Wild West”. Ia pasal Princess Sally punya suami hilang dan tidak tahu mana dia. Akhirnya, Tarantula mati dan suami Princess Sally pun hidup dan selamat kerana Tarantula mati kesakitan. Itulah cerita pasal “Wild Wild West”.

Amacam? Best tak cerita WWW tu?

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*Feel accomplished….*

By Freek at 12:20 pm on Sunday, August 13, 2006

Had a wonderful day out with Dy yesterday. Went to the Omnimax theatre to catch “Deep Sea”. Besides being ecstatic on relieving old memories of school days, I was also awed and captivated by the movie itself. Documentaries about underwater life always intrigued me and yeap, seeing it in Omnimax was simply mind-blowing.

Later, we went to JP and vowed never to step into the Ban-quet there again. *Bleargh*

I’m feeling rather relieved today. Somehow, I managed to finish my lesson plans and some other work I wanna give the kids this coming week. Have a few more things to mark though but, that’s gonna finish pretty soon. So, yeaps.. not gonna be proud of what I’m gonna type here, but yeah, here are some things my kids have written for a compo. I made it sorta a test so, no discussion with me and anything. Story-wise, I see more content but yeah, there’s always that small number who, have a problem putting their thoughts into written expression. Thank God, this term, no compo for CA. Scary but at the same time, funny.


Karangan yang aku bagi ada gambar budak perempuan tengah jalan-jalan dan tiba-tiba, ada penunggang motosikal rampas beg dia. Dia telefon polis lalu melaporkan nombor motosikal itu sekali. Akhir cerita ni budak-budak kena fikir sendiri. Untuk korang senang baca, aku tukar nama budak perempuan tu jadi nama Siti. Dan excerpts ni semua dari beberapa orang murid.


Siti terkejut yang dia tidak perasan ada orang mencuri begnya. Orang itu bertindak cepat sekali. Siti tidak boleh bermain badminton lagi kerana begnya dirampas oleh orang. Kesihan Siti. (bukan nak kesian beg kena curi tapi kesian takleh main badminton plak..)

Hari Rabu itu Siti baru pulang dari sekolahnya yang bernama Sekolah Rendah King Kong. Tidak ramai budak yang ada di sana kerana ada anakanda yang besar di dalam tangki. (kalau korang pandai, cuba bilang aku apa benda anakanda dalam tangki ni…)

Siti pun lari ke sebelah sekolahnya untuk menelefon polis. Siti mengeluarkan seringgit dan masukkannya ke dalam kotak telefon untuk menelefon polis. (haiz.. nak telefon polis pun kena bayar duit… haiz)


Akhir cerita:

Siti memberitahu polis yang duitnya telah hilang. Dia memberitahu yang dia kehilangan empat ratus dolar dari begnya. Polis pun memberi Siti empat ratus dolar.(murid ni mula-mula tulis si Siti baru balik dari sekolah lepas dapat result. ntah murid mana bawak $400 gi sekolah. polis pun murah hati plak tu.)

Siti menjawab semua soalan pegawai polis. Esoknya, pegawai polis sudah menangkap pencuri itu. Pencuri itu disebat 20 rotan di pantatnya, Dia harus dipenjara selama 4 tahun. Orang tidak dibenarkan menjumpanya. Sekarang Siti tidak dibenarkan keluar seorang lagi. (nak try rampas beg orang? berani tak kena 20 rotan? dah sakit-sakit, kena solitary confinement, 4 tahun tak jumpa orang.)

Polis mengejar pencuri itu dan menembaknya. Pencuri itu mati dan Siti pun rasa bahagia. (kecik-kecik dah sadis….)

Polis itu pun membawa pencuri ke balai polis. Pencuri itu digantung. Mak bapanya pun menangis. Kesihan anaknya sudah mati tergantung. Siti pun dapat balik dia punya beg. Dia pun bermain badminton, Dia berasa sangat gembira. (moral cerita ini: jangan curi beg orang sebab nanti kena gantung serta-merta. Lagi-lagi kalau korang curi beg orang macam Siti yang sadistic boleh main badminton lepas dia buat korang digantung.)


Seems this days, kids have problems even with their mother tongue.

Nasib baik ada satu lagi term untuk selamatkan diorang ni….

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