*Raya weekend…*

By Freek at 12:00 am on Monday, October 30, 2006

Despite our tight budget, Dy and I splurged on a new digicam. The previous one was such a useless piece so we sold it off, and bought a new one. Technically, we don’t have the budget for the new cam, but as we thought about it, this is Raya month, and wedding and honeymoon’s coming soon. It sure is handy to have a cam to capture the moments. (Read on …)

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*His 26th year….*

By Freek at 12:41 am on Friday, October 27, 2006

Dy turned 26 a few minutes ago.

I bought some cupcakes from this lady. She did the cupcakes for Limah’s birthday. Contacted her through Witt. Asked the lady for some froggy to signify Dy’s “katak” nickname and she did it for me, though, it was difficult for her. I loved it. So cute. Requested her to make me a small cake for me and Dy for my December reception, too. And she agreed to do it for me though she’s putting a halt to new orders due to her exams that period! Took these pictures from her blog. Hope she doesn’t mind.

So frigging cute. And yummy. Chocolate is always yummy to me. =p

It was supposed to be a surprise but since I can’t lie to my own husband and I couldn’t find an excuse NOT to meet him yesterday, we ended up celebrating his birthday a day in advanced. I even gave him the wallet I bought for him. Of course, by giving him presents, I went back against my own suggestion of pushing back the celebration of both our birthdays to our honeymoon. But I felt so guilty of not buying anything, I bought him 2!

Heh. It was nice to see him stunned and blushing though. To the man who deserves all that I can give him, Happy 26th Birthday. May you live a long and blessed life ahead. May God with you always. And may God give me the strength to serve you with all my heart. Love you, Mohammad Shaifudin Bin Jamaludheen Maricar.

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*3rd Day….*

By Freek at 4:10 pm on Thursday, October 26, 2006

Before I start, shall just answer a question posed by Chewie (a.k.a Alia), in the previous entry.

Well, Alia, if I remember correctly, the nickname “Setapak Dua Tapak” came about in the first 3 months of JC. Remember Raudha? Not our Raudaa(TKGS) but the other one from Ping Yi? Well, to amuse you, I remembered she liked hairy men! Haha… funny… so, since Setapak was virtually the ‘hairiest’ in our Malay class and he sat just a ‘few steps away’, we decided to call him ‘setapak dua tapak’. *lol*

Hilarious… sigh… those were the days.. days of Rajan, 28, brother, promotion, guitar guy, expressionless, jim and all those nicknaming… *lol*

Tomorrow has 2 significant things happening.

1) I’ll be choosing my 2 wedding costumes.

2) Dy’s birthday.


Anyways, on MC today. Woke up today with that crazy gas-sy feeling in my stomach. Went to the doc’s again, gastric, as usual. But since it’s just exams today, decided to go down to a better doc and get better medicine. Asked for some med to eat as and when gastric came up. Which was good.

The only downside would be, she explained to me a staggering list of things I shouldn’t be eating and since it is the Hari Raya season, I betcha I have to summon all my willpower to resist some things. But then again, Raya is only once a year per…. oklah tu, kan?

Ah.. these are 2 of the goodies I made for my house. Didn’t take the sugee photo though. And didn’t have time to make “Almond London”. I’ll just save the ingredients in case I wanna try out and make something else. But yeah, this year, after making 2 batches of Snowball, the 3rd one, which was for my home, turned out better, according to my sister.

I put it in the bigger jar since the Snowballs were bigger in size. But yes, by the time I came home on first day of Raya, the jar was already empty. Me mum hasn’t topped it up yet. She replaced it with kerepeks and stuff instead. Hehe… I’m only half-way to making perfect Snowballs though. Kalau nak tahu, Chief Snowball tinggal block 150. Haha..

So, once again, from Katak and Freek, Selamat Hari Raya, all of you!

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*Hari Raya … soon enuff…*

By Freek at 4:41 pm on Friday, October 20, 2006

Just finished writing the invites. Wonder when I’ll meet the Kg Clan to pass the cards to them. Everybody’s uber-busy and all. Ah well, if not for hari-raya-jalaning, maybe I’ll pass them at their houses or something. Shall see.

There’s only about 5 people left in the staff room now. I’m one of them.

It’s half-day for the Indians as it’s eve of Deepavali. The others, are just taking the opportunity to be home early for their rests. My colleague is listening to nothing, while another’s playing the dramatic “Tell Laura” song.

I am playing Raya songs. Speaking of which, my kids did a phenomenal job today. They didn’t disappoint me, and though I gave them last minute props, they used it well. I mean, considering the last time I practised with them was last Friday and the past four days being a school break for them, I was scared they would forget what to do. But yeah, it was well done, and I’m one proud mama. Heh. Those are my kids afterall.

It’s just a few days to the end of Ramadhan. Syawal will be here on Tuesday for most of us. I’m currently thinking of what things to say when I go visiting my in-laws and asking for forgiveness. I mean, for my own family, we don’t really have that tradition. We’d just salam and say Selamat Hari Raya,Maaf Zahir Batin in an informal manner with smiles, laughter and salam tangan and all but we all know we mean what we say. It’s just my family culture, we’ve never been open about emotions and all but we show them through the things we do for each other.

But yeah, for Dy’s side, it’s obviously going to be different so, I’m actually having butterflies in my stomach just wondering about how to say it.

Come to think about it, I don’t even know how I’d be doing it with my own husband. First timelah katakan. Teach me, can? Haha…

Preparations? Hmm…. it’s funny that I’ve decorated the classroom window and helped out in the concert decor but my own house is still very much, not HariRayable. We haven’t changed the curtains, thank God we have no sofa, my dad’s gonna repaint the living room only tomorrow and my room is in a mess.

Heck, we don’t even have cookies and drinks yet. I’ve to whip out miracles and divide them by 3 since my guy-cousin die-die wants ME to make cookies for him and I now have 2 families. Goodness. Mampos aku… nang botinang pui puti pui putai…

Nasiblah baju dah siap siang-siang. Tinggal nak beli kasut. Ahh..bila nak beli tu agaknya..

Wallahu alam bisawab.

And in case I don’t have time, to all of you out there, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Please forgive me for all the vulgarities, curses, swearings and sarcasms I’ve dropped in here from time to time. Forgive me for any shortcomings I may have portrayed. If I’ve offended anybody out there intentionally or unintentionally, please do forgive me too. Halalkan whatever food/drinks I might have eaten from you. And because of my really bad memory, if I’ve ever borrowed your money, please don’t hesitate to remind me and I’ll pay you back or, halalkan it.

Thank you. And have a really good holiday.



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Protected: *Entry…*

By Freek at 10:11 am on Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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