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By Freek at 12:00 pm on Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yeah, after a whole month of not touching any work, I am finally getting down to doing some. Thought of going to school today, but with this rain, don’t feel like it. Shall make my way down tomorrow for real though even if it rains and floods. It is getting bad, huh? With just next week left to finish up my stuff, I am kinda panicking but yeaps, am excited that I have my own fan at the workstation for my use when the staff room air-con shuts down at 5 every day.

Anyways, I’ve done a website to put our P-nang holiday trip pictures in. You can view it by clicking this link : http://www.kapoosh.net/penang/index.htm

It is sorta picture extensive, so hold up if you wanna, else, you can very much skip it.

Oh yah, speaking of pictures, my wedding album has finally arrived. I’m quite happy with it. Amazingly, my dad asked me whether I wanted to make a big-framed picture from any of the pictures. Of course I would love to. Heh. But have to wait for the photo guy to send me the cd of the pictures. Hope he does give me. =) Now, how long will I take to upload those? Wonder, wonder. Tsk.

And ohhhh.. if all goes well, I’ll be doing some inviting again soon. Yeay! *prays hard*


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