*Bored up to here…*

By Freek at 1:18 pm on Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yes, I’m bored out of my wits. Since being discharged, I’ve been stuck at home. My dad says it’s just what I deserve since I was never the stay-home type when I was healthy. Heh. Even on the afternoon before I got warded, I was out with Dy to Vivo and PC show with a fever brewing in me. *lol* Yes, it’s my just desserts to be forced to stay home, according to dad.

Sleep, vcd, eat, vcd, pc, vcd, sleep. (I shall not talk about my work since ‘m not in the mood to start doing work yet. Besides, I’m on MC till Friday! =p )

That’s basically my routine since Monday. I know, working people would kill to get that sorta routine, but yah, not me! I need fresh air. Even if fresh air means following Dy to my in-laws’ today which is a mere 3-minutes away, I shall. I need to walk around for a bit, you know. Only, that 3-minutes will have to be lengthened to about 9-minutes with my walking speed having to be retarded a bit. It’s very ‘rimas’ to walk so slowly for someone like me. *lol* But yeah, I wouldn’t wanna risk bleeding. FYI, the bleeding hasn’t stopped. Ok, it’s more like spotting. Brown-coloured stuff. Urgh.

So, I’m now watching my Star Wars trilogy collection, after which it’ll be Hot Shots. My sis lent my Pirates O.T.C – Dead Man’s Chest to her friend and I can’t wait for it to return. I’m trying to get my hands on TMNT vcds my bro bought while I was away in hospital but my mum kept it away from me. You know, my mum’s very, very superstitious. She doesn’t want me to watch TMNT cos she doesn’t want me to have a kid who’d look like them!! Hehe.. so cutelah my mum. I’m still in the yolk+hearbeat stagelah. Still too earlY! But kalau macam TMNT pun cute per! *lol* I guess I can’t blame herlah considering the way she was brought up and how celupar my mouth can be at times. Hehe. But hey, I wanna watch siah the TMNT vcds! Those are the movies back when I was a kid. Now where did she say she kept/locked it? Heh. Well, if she knows I’m watching Star Wars, she’d probably freaked. The number if weird looking things in here are, well, countless.

But yeah, like Witt’s advice to look at things beautiful, I do that too.

I watch Super-natural. *winks*

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