*End of MC…Start of Work*

By Freek at 9:29 pm on Friday, June 8, 2007

Apologies if I start blabbering in this entry.

Before I start, I’d like to share a little secret my darling told me while he was asleep and sleep-talking.

He is Superman.

But shhh… jangan bilang orang, k?


I’d love to tell you guys more of it, but haha.. nah..

Today marks my last day of m.c from the hospital. Which means, I better start worrying about work. I mean, there’s only 2 more weeks left till the madness starts again. But for me, I’ll have to slow down that madness a bit. I’ve to, erm, contain my eagerness when I’m teaching my little ones and also, the big ones. Sometimes, I get too excited, I forget I’m 25. Ok, 25 sounds a bit depressing. I’m still 24. Thank God!

Anyhows, since Dy has taken his leave for next 2 weeks, asked him to cut down to 1 week so I can drag him to any future appointments. So for the whole of next week, I’d lug him down to my school and he can get started on updating my department website. Dang that thing. We haven’t had the time to really update it. Haha. But, yeah, who really cares? It’s just a weeny boost to my work review. Haha. And since my school laptop has been broken by yours truly who was about to fall one day when she stepped on her laptop lcd and cracked it to bits to break her fall, I’m virtually left to use the desktops at the common workstation or lug my home laptop to work daily, which is not really a viable option considering I have to go easy on the things I bring around.

What? You broke your school laptop’s LCD? You might holler. Yeah, I broke it and I’d have to fork out about 1K from my pocket to replace that laptop which my school TA said would be condemned in 2-3 years. Sigh. Anyone knows of where I can replace a laptop lcd at a cheap, cheap, cheap price? Heh. Thank God though I don’t have to rush it.

Ah well, for as long as this week lasts, I’m gonna savour it. Really, though it had been a tad too boring, it was relaxing.. to the point where I’m staring to feel reallllllllyyyyy sore about starting work again. Tween, Witt, altogether now… SIGH….

Can’t wait for payday though. Ka-ching!

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