By Freek at 1:28 pm on Thursday, June 21, 2007

It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon. Grey clouds hang in the sky, sheltering the earth from the scorching sun. It’s been awfully hot lately. But so has it been raining rather unexpectedly in the midst of it. Global warming is melting the ice-caps. Polar bears are dying. That’s very sad. The sea level is rising and there’ll be dire consequences unless it is stopped, says the July issue of N-ational G-eographic. I guess that’s no new news considering I’ve read about it back in J.C days. But opening up this month’s issue, in a way, updated me to how bad it has been since then. I love the N-ational G-eographic. And I love polar bears. Been such a long time since I read or watched documentaries but I’m trying to make a it point to catch up.

Well, as I sit at the kitchen table typing away doing my work and updating this blog, the birds tweet as they greet each other and fly off to find food. Or whatever it is birds do on this sort of afternoons. It is a calm and relaxing atmosphere as I finish up whatever work I have left. Though there’s one thing that spoils this beautiful moment. Just one flaw.

That smell.

That smell of ikan kering bacin! Damn I hate the smell of that smelly-smelling dried fish being fried. Urgh! No offence to you guys if you love eating them. I guess the fish has it’s own exquisite taste, to people who can get pass the smell, that is. For me, I complain every time my mum fries it. And she no longer does. But yeah, living in a HDB flat, means that any other makcik could fry it anytime for her family and the aroma can drift to any open kitchen window. I’ll just have to wait for the wind to blow the other way, I guess. But I’d rather smell this ikan goreng bacin anytime if it were to be put side-by-side with those smelly tofu. Those are stinking… stinky. Gosh.

And contrary to the title, I’m not actually dreading that this is the last Thursday before the start of another frenzied school semester. I do miss the kids.

And I miss you, too.

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