*Tick tock….*

By Freek at 3:10 pm on Sunday, June 24, 2007

Even strong women break down from time to time.

I feel like rolling in the ground and laughing my heart out just thinking how my June holidays flew past me. Out of 30-odd days, I had 18 days of M.C which literally meant I was home-bound.  But yeah, it was a good experience going out with the 2 of the most wonderful ladies in my life – Tween-O & Witt.

We searched about for Witt’s wedding shoes, had late dinner at Mad Jack’s and had late-night shopping at where else but Mustafa. Bought provisions and stationery for school tomorrow as well. Hehe. Took quite a number of pics but with tomorrow coming up, feeling a tad too lazy to upload them.

Ah well… I’m bored.

To fellow teachers, have a good kick start to the term tomorrow! To those who have left to further studies, good luck studying!

And to all others, have a good week ahead!

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