*A reflection….*

By Freek at 5:10 pm on Monday, July 30, 2007

Allow me to indulge in some self-reflection.

A moment for me to think about being married.

It feels silly sometimes, to argue about teeny-weeny little things. Like, an unclosed drawer, dirty laundry on the floor, too much time spent at the PC, interrupted train of thoughts, instructions disobeyed, forgotten reminders, exceeded budget, uncontrolled urges to spend, egoistic moments, insensitive remarks, yadda-yadda, blah blah… And oh! The silliest has got to be, unshampooed hair.

I guess, these all just happens. It will always happen.

Sometimes, though, I wish, these things don’t happen.

I wish, we didn’t have to waste time, arguing, putting each other down, raging a mini-cold war or having to give silent treatments, or spacing out for a few minutes. I mean, death comes to us all at whenever it’s time for us to go and every few seconds together is precious as can be.

But then again, what fun would it be if everything went on TOO perfectly?

If we didn’t argue, there won’t be any making-up to do. And we love being treated or spoiled by one another. I can bug him for ice-cream treats and he can then ask me for his favourite soft drinks which we would restrict one another on any other given day.

If we didn’t have that (maximum) 1 hour space-out time(this is the longest our silence has ever been.. somehow, we just can’t stay that long without hearing each other), we wouldn’t realize how much we need one another. As the time ticks by, and that person who has gone through good and bad times with you, is just there in the room with you, it’s not only tempting, but very stupid for one to continue being hot-headed or obstinate still.

It’s all about giving and taking. Sure, we hear that a lot. Even with friends and family, that’s what we have to do. Else , we’ll all prolly be at each other’s throat all the time. But with being married, it’s a little different. This person not only lives with, but you share intimate moments with them too.

I learned a lot about giving and taking, from the 1st month of being with him. If I didn’t, we couldn’t have lasted 78months together. But I also believe that the reason why we love one another so much, is because, we’re one another’s first love.

And once I remind myself of all the good times we’ve been through and the good things I love about him, that unshampooed hair, isn’t really a big deal anymore.

In fact, gives me a chance to treat him like a baby and shampoo it for him. *winks*

And, baby, I didn’t wanna write an entry for you for fear of being repetitive. There’s not many ways of saying “I love you”, but I think you don’t need those 3 words to know how much you mean to me. Mohammad Shaifudin Bin Jamaludheen Maricar, I’m grateful that I am YOURS.

And you’re mine.

Happy 78th month, darling.

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*Of rides…*

By Freek at 11:37 am on Friday, July 27, 2007

Yes, my breasts, butt and tummy is bigger now.

I am NOT pregnant for obvious reasons and the only explanation I can give you is that I am getting FAT.



So, stop it already.

(at least I’m growing proportionately and I’m still a curve and not a blob of fat. If only they knew me when I was fatter 8 years ago…then maybe such comparison would’t have existed…sheesh…)


On a happier note for me, Dy & I had a wonderful first day with our new car on Wednesday.

It was so coincidental that Dy and I wasn’t feeling well that day so we took the day off. He was down with his sneezing and flu. I hate it when he gets a flu because it’s pretty darn scary when he gets it. Almost like he’s capable of blowing his nose off. As for me, well, I was having one of those dizzy spell. Spinning and spinning. What the hell. And it was an even more of a coincidence when the car company said the car was ready for collection! So, Dy and I went home to rest a bit and after his flu subsided a bit, we went to get the car.

Hoho.. we were excited as hell. Of course, it was quite intimidating seeing so many new and BIG cars parked at the place, but we were more anxious of seeing our small little car. When we finally got the key, hehe, I was proud of it. No doubt it was small and didn’t have those cool features or gadgets some cars have, but it was ours and that was mind-blowing thought. The only other times I felt this surreal, was when I got married and also when I got the keys to my own house.

We decided to call the car “The Tiny One” – to match its size, its pick-up and it’s oil consumption. *winks*

Soon after, we did some shopping for The Tiny One. Ok… about $150 worth of shopping actually. Even I don’t get to shop for clothes that much. Bah! And since our car was the Sports edition with the bodykit and all, we decided to buy the sporty steering cover to go with it. Well, we got that one at Giant so… *lol*

Can’t wait to shop for The Tiny One again today.




And you thought guys think of their cars as their second wife. I’m treating mine as a my second Baby. The first one’s driving it. *smiles*



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By Freek at 10:35 am on Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, 2 weeks in a row, me and Dy have involved ourselves in helluva a lot of things.

Yesterday, we joined Tween-o and Witt for the Fun-on-Foot race organised by the NHB. Let me walk you through the day we had.

Had to get out of the home by 6.30 since registration started at 7.30am. So, we dragged our sleepy heads and bodies to the bus-stop to meet Tween who lived just a few blocks away from us, by the way.


True to my instincts, Witt forgot to wake up, so we walked around while waiting for her. She took a cab from her place to pick us up but we ended up having to run after the cab after it overshot a stop from where we were. The guilty hung in her head in shame as she was charged and an appropriate sentence was meted out which would have to be served concurrently after the race.


And so, after registering, we received our map and got down to deciphering whatever needed deciphering.






And so it began…




Miraculously, we did a lot of running as well. For someone who took 30 minutes to complete 2.4KM run back in my Sec days(ok, that was deliberately done out of sheer mischief), I was amazed I could keep running. Though we did not win(duh!) we were satisfied and enlightened all the same.



And if you’re wondering where Witt is in the pictures, well, she had some ounces of energy left to live her long-time dream of grooving with these boys!


We took a video of her bhangra-ing but without her permission, I shall not post it up. Hehe. It was hilarious yet, we were amazed what a natural she was at it! Oh and by the way, the guy in green, was a drooler for Witt & Tween-O.

And so, after that we headed down to Moulana to cleanse ourselves before prayers.



Well, it was time for Witt & fiance to redeem themselves. Since he owed us treat too, we decided to let them serve the sentence simultaneously. And serve they did. Woohoo!


After eating, service was so slow, we had to wait for iced water and the bill to come. So, Tween & I (ok, more like me actually), indulged in our favourite after meal past-time – creating recipes with food remains.




After the meal, Tween left for home while the 4 of us went for a movie. We decided on Blaaack Sheeeep mainly due to timing and I tell you, I’ve never seen a crappier movie in my life. Not even on crap TV shows.

And so that was how Dy and I spent our weekend. Sunday, it was more of, resting the aching muscles on our bodies. Like Tween-O said, “We’re getting too old for this.” *lol*

As for the last weekend where Dy and I did kerraaazzzy stuff, well, we spent a helluva lot of money for 2 things. Firstly, a new digicam. This is like our 3rd digicam. The first fuji film one, is no longer working, I lost the second one, an Olympus and this is our current one. Thank goodness, I get to reimburse this one since I’ll be using the $400 allocated for all teachers to buy ‘educational’ or professional/personal development things with.


Dy and I also, bought this.


A tiny car but that’s affordable for us both. If all goes well, I’ll be going to school in this by next week. Hurrah, can’t wait to go shopping for stuff to put in it!

Anybody has that Autobot logo sticker?

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*Complaint : He said you slapped him…*

By Freek at 5:07 pm on Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ok, I now have an official ‘slapping’ complaint coming from a student’s parent.

I’m apparently accused of slapping the boy when he didn’t know how to spell his mum’s name. Can you believe it? Allegedly slapping the boy in the face?

Hmm.. me being me, I would have loved to slap the boy’s face since, well, I’m being accused of something I didn’t do and I might as well have done it. But then again, it’s just not worth it. Besides, the mum didn’t accuse me. She just told me that the boy complained and she had to mention it to me. What sorta like amazed me more was that the alleged incident took place like 2 days ago and between that time and now, he has been ok in class. Hmm…

So I told the mum, that if ever I touch my pupils, it would be a gentle pinch to the ear or cheeks, you know, the playful kind. But to slap? Hmm… who am I to even slap another person’s child? Generally, my kids understand my body language. When I’m angry, I’m angry and throw books or scream or keep silent. Sometimes, I give a playful/gentle pinch to the cheek and point out their mistakes at the same time. But most of the time, they know me as a cheerful chekgoo.

So I told the mum that I did not do as accused. Ah well, the parts and parcels of teaching.

And apparently, too, he accused his form teacher of nudging his head hard and pulling him by the ears.


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By Freek at 11:02 am on Sunday, July 15, 2007

Me & Dy, we’ve gone nuts.

I’m still reeling in from the shock.

Waiting for the information to sink in.

Pinch me.

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