*Manic Monday…not so…*

By Freek at 10:05 am on Monday, August 27, 2007

Glenn and F.D were discussing about the ‘Manic Monday’ song they played this morning on C-lass 95. Thankfully, my Monday did not start off maniacally, though both of me & Dy had to fight for the toilet to ease ourselves. Big time.

Anyways, T-To (pronounced Ti-To but stands for The Tiny One), was in pretty bad shape yesterday. Nope, nothing internal. Just that I got pissed off when there were SOoOO much ashes from those incense/paper burning which got pasted all over the car. My goodness. There were blobs of white stuff everywhere and splashing water over it didn’t work. As we didn’t really have much time to scrub the car since my niece(who is like, my age), got married and there were some places we needed to go to, we decided to pop by the Manual Car Wash. And although that pretty much solved the problem, there were some unsightly white spots which were determined to stay. Bugger.  I shall do some scrubbing real soon.

Looking back on Saturday, we went K-oking with Witt and Limah. The verdict is clear, that I’m the worst singer of the lot. *lol* It was fun though.. singing to La Obe with my fellow Boyanese counterpart, Witt, albeit damaging the song. Haha.

And last Friday, there was the Parents’ Nite for P1 & P2 pupils. Last year I made my P1 lot do a small skit leading up to a traditional rendition of ‘Nenek, Nenek Si Bongkok 3’. This year though, my kids were a bit more creative so I let them decide how they wanted to sing the songs I gave them. One of my boys said he wanted to rap to the ‘Bangun Pagi’ song. And that became my main idea for the skit for that night. Forget the parents, I was defintely amazed by how well the children performed that night. As I stood behind the stage-curtain, I was like one proud parent of.. erm.. 17 kids *LOL*

Now that I think about it, why am I updating this backwards?

So much for a not so Manic Monday.

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*Ponder… ponder…*

By Freek at 12:02 pm on Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sometimes, I ask myself too many questions.

Too many for my mind to be able to sort out.


Head hurts.



What is it, in the things that I do, that I really want from it?

What do I want from YOU?

Even I can’t put my finger on it.


Time to be a little bit more sensible.

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*Before anything else…*

By Freek at 6:14 pm on Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Before I continue, let me just clarify something to some people.

I do not have a licence and I can’t drive for nuts except drive in the arcade/video games or drive people up the wall. When I mentioned drive or I pose in my car, noo.. it doesn’t mean I do. I tried driving with Dy’s supervision in a lonely carpark and all I did was try parking. And I hate parallel parking, lor.


Anyways, the long weekend, though it flew by in a whizz, had been a blast. On Wednesday, there was a Charity Fair in my school and as usual, I had to run the Malay Food stall.



Parents donated food and initially, when setting up the stall, there was not much food brought. I was beginning to get worried. All we had were muffins and fishball/crabstick kebabs. But patience reaped rewards and by the time Observance Ceremony started, there was an overflow of food and we had to place some somewhere else first.




All in all, the stall managed to get around $620. It was exciting to know considering the fact that we didn’t have any pre-sales and we were selling only kuihs. Hehe.. and oh, the 2 small boys in front of me, they helped me sell 2 big, red bags of goodie bags and despite being P1s, they had good negotiating skills. Cikgu, kalau kita nak bagi diskaun, berapa? By the way, the chubby cheek one is my fashion police. He asked me for discounts on some of the food item and I said no problem as long as I could pinch his cheeks. *lol*


And that was the day before National Day. As for National Day itself, lemme allow Spongebob to narrate it to you.











And for those who read Dy’s blog, we had an impromptu trip to JB on Saturday just for donuts. Heh. I even dreamt about it. Dreamt that the chocolate banana one was no longer sold. And true enough, the lady said it’s no longer sold. *sulks*

Aight, I’m off. School’s closing soon.

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By Freek at 9:51 pm on Sunday, August 12, 2007


Now.. how do I say this without sounding ungrateful.



Where has my long, long weekend gone to??

5 days just flew the*hoot* by.



Final verdict: Manual car + Suhainis = Successive engine stalls = No go.

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*What the hoot… me v.s IT*

By Freek at 4:14 pm on Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It’s sad that I can’t even recall things that I do right/correctly.

I’m kinda good at telling or helping people with how to do things or how to look after stuff, but rather than be efficient myself, I am somewhat at the opposite end of the spectrum. And if there’s one thing I can NEVER do right, is be friendly with I.T. Which is a paradox really, considering my Dy is an I.T expert, helps people repair or troubleshoot their PCs, does it for a living and even has air-time on the radio to discuss about I.T issues.

To prove my point, though, I present to you 3 examples of my disharmony with IT.

Firstly, my Sony Ericsson handphone had to be replaced after it died on me with the blue screen of death a few  months ago. I’d just bought it mid last year and the white casing still looked good. Even bought one casing in Penang during my honeymoon but didn’t get the chance to use it. The point that crushed my heart the most was that I had downloaded almost 30bux worth of games only to have it go “poof!” on me. I suspected that I had flipped the phone too much which inflicted some internal ‘bruises’ to the inside. But after much deliberation, I’m now convinced that the chief cause was prolly the incompatibility of some of the games I downloaded. The upside to that episode was, though, coincidentally Dy had his bonus and he bought a better(and more costly) phone for me.

You all also prolly already know about how I broke my school’s laptop screen.  Yes, the laptop I stepped on. Switch it on and you’ll see a myriad of colours and 5 big fragment lines courtesy of the shattered screen. Which serves me darn right for 2 reasons – 1) I’m now laptopless and have to work using my own laptop which, makes it difficult for me to access certain restricted work sites. 2) I have to pay a shitload of money to get it repaired only to have the frigging thing replaced with a newer/faster laptop a few year(s) down the road when the thing is to be deemed condemned. Thank God the laptop itself didn’t give in to my weight. Which is a miracle, really.

The latest of my misadventures with IT happened last weekend. The four-eyed bugger that I was, forgot to check that my 250GB harddisk was still attached to my laptop before I kept it in the drawer. And as I carried the laptop from my bed, a horrendous and most heart-wrenching sound was heard, just a few centimeters away from my feet. As I looked down, there it was, my 250GB harddisk, an unwilling victim of my carelessness. Of course, I cried since I’d kept a lot of my stuff in it for safe-keeping – only to have it all destroyed in just one drop. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. But then again, susu telah bertukar menjadi keju, so there was nobody else to blame but yours truly. Like the guy at the PC clinic said, shouldn’t be unusable but maybe, suay suay you kana that time it broke lah.

I fucked up, and that was all to it.

Maybe I should start nagging at myself before I get myself into any other trouble.

But then again, maybe I should just steer clear of IT when I can avoid it.

For IT’s sake.

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