By Freek at 9:31 am on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Been very tired of late.

Of course, with fasting and all, it’s little wonder why. Teaching is another factor. A lot of repeating and all which sometimes fall on deaf ears. And being in-charge of Hari Raya Concert, certainly adds to it all.

Maybe also because of my? menses not coming normally still. I mean, after that mis——– in June, my menses hasn’t really returned as normal. After the 3 week of abnormal discharge last month, I wonder whether it’ll return this month. All the hormones are circling around adding fatigue to my body. Have been feeling nauseous too, which I mentioned previously.

Apple juice. I’m craving for apple juice right now. But then again, I buka and sahur with apple juice practically everyday now.

Oh well, I am fasting after all.

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