By Freek at 1:27 pm on Monday, December 31, 2007

The year changes.

But should we?


Things will be different in 2008. New opportunities, new responsibilities.

I pray, though, that things will be better ahead.

For my family, my friends and for you.


Although I will indefinitely struggle, I’m prepared to put the past behind.

To forget the unhappiness and mistakes.

Start afresh.


Another year of you and me.

And number 3.

And a promise.

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Protected: *2008….*

By Freek at 12:37 pm on Sunday, December 30, 2007

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By Freek at 7:52 pm on Monday, December 24, 2007

Sofra has always been a place where Dy & I go to during our anniversary on the 30th Jan each year. However, over the weekend, somehow I had a craving for the food over there so, we headed down to Beach Road where it was located.




For those wondering what the above picture is, well, that’s the bottle I use to spit. Hehe. It came with it’s own cover but it was such a hassle prying open the top each time I wanted to spit, I did a little modification to it. Used a napkin, taped half of it to the bottle and all I need to do is flip the untaped side when I need to spit. At the same time, I can wipe my lips with the underside of the napkin after each did. *lol* The genius that I am.

So, next time you see a lady carrying this contraption, chances are, you just bumped into me. Heh.

Speaking of bumps, this is how I look like this week. I am pretty much back to my original weight before the 6kg loss around 2 months ago. My tummy feels very stretched this week and will continue to be stretched as the Lil One grows in me.


?And oh, Dy is just exaggerating his. =p

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*Of dust…. and fizzle….*

By Freek at 2:53 pm on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am actually very worried about the condition of my face. The pimple breakouts left me with lots of scars on my face. I can be selfish and use our savings for a skin cleansing regime and refill my M.A.C make-up supplies but I’ve to save up for our Lil’ One. But then again, if I don’t do anything about my face, I’ll be selfish to Dy since he has to endure looking at this horrid, polka-dotted face every single day.


Since I was also getting a bit dusty from all the loafing around and not to mention how rusty my brain’s getting from the lack of mind-stimulating things to do, I decided to dust the room. Yes, I am right now waddling on a floor which is covered in about an inch of dust from dusting off the dresser, the tv, the fan, the wardrobe and not forgetting, Dy’s PC area. Don’t mind my exaggeration. Exaggerating makes the brain works quite a bit just by trying to come up with one.

I’ve transferred all stuff from the dull brown boxes to those stripey red boxes we purchased from IKEA and now the room looks well-organised. We’re looking around for a computer table so that the TV console we have can be removed since it’s taking up quite a bit of space. I’m in quite a fix about the layout of our small master bedroom and though we’ll be needing the space only 5 months from now, preparing never did anyone harm, did it? Besides, my mum told me to be active for the baby and exercise is always good since weight is slowly gaining on me.

Anyhows, all that’s left to be done, is to vacuum all this dust, and my work is done. But I’m sorry, Dy dearest, you’re still grounded from using the PC till the weekend.

There’s a lot of things I miss doing, actually. I miss going out with Dy and we cam-whore and then I PhotoImpact the pics to be used as blog layouts and stuff. We used to do that a lot. In fact, there a lot of things we used to do so frequently that I’m beginning to miss very much. Time has never been on our side these days. Like, we used to ____________ but these days, fatigue sets in and all I can do is just, forget about it.

Sometimes I wish for things to be like it was before. But it’s impossible and foolish to keep on pining for things to stay the way they are. For one, there are more responsibilities shouldered now so sacrifices have to be made.

Maybe all there is, is fear.

Fear that the ___________ would slowly….




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*Bored to death but with gratitude in between…*

By Freek at 2:38 pm on Friday, December 14, 2007

It is pretty ironic how I yearn for the holidays to come during school term but when the time arrives, I actually am pretty stumped on what to do with it. 1 month of nothing to do, that can be a dream or a nightmare, y’know.

Basically, after seeing Dy to work in the morn, I continue sleeping, wake up at whatever time my body feels like it, watch VCD/DVDs till I can remember most of the dialogues, switch on the laptop and roam around a bit, switch off the laptop and continue stoning till Dy gets back. Of course when Dy gets back, I can’t drag him out again since I can see how drained he is from all that walking around at his workplace.

Poor man.

It is hard for someone like me, who has problems staying idle, to cope with long periods of inactivity. Being idle puts a strain on my body and makes my brain think of the most craziest of things.

It is especially suffocating if I get the “No!” when I attempt to go out on my own these days. Just because I’m pregnant, extra strict rules are being imposed on me especially on rainy days like these. It’s not like I’m terminally ill or something. But I guess the people around me just want me to be extra-careful this time around.

Dy told me to read. But I haven’t been reading in a while and I’m already bored enough lazing and sitting around to laze and sit around reading. Besides, I like to meniarap when I read and I definitely can’t do that too now. Which brings to mind, maybe I should start drawing again.

I think God has heard enough of my whinings. Hehe. Which is why He has finally answered our prayers. Alhamdullilah syukur. Finally, after a few attempts, He finally let it happened. And if all goes well, my holidays will never be lonesome again. Hurrah! I’m proud of you. Thank you for trying so hard to make life better for us and the future member of our little family. I love you.


If anyone needs an assistant to do anything, please call on me. I’m simply bored to death around here.

You simply drive me crazy. In love.

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