*Mental prep….*

By Freek at 7:22 am on Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr Dec.’s reply on my previous post left me thinking.

Am I really mentally prepared for this?

Being almost 31 weeks now, (and if we follow what we learn in school that pregnancy goes on for 36 weeks or 9 months,?which then means?I’m left with 5, but thank God there SHOULD be extra days unless Baby A wants to meet the world earlier), it’s kinda nerve-wrecking.

I mean, I am still very much dependant on my mum for breakfast. If I wake up early, she wakes up earlier and would either be in the market or breakfast is already served. Like these days, Dy and I get out of the house around 6 right after our Subuh prayers since he has started teaching and that means we have to rush from Bedok-AMK-Ubi for him to be in time for flag-raising. My mum would already have packed our food for us though. Waking up at 5.30am leaves us with just enought time to get ready though sometimes makes me cranky and sleep in the car.

But I’m really amazed with mothers. They can wake up so early and ready everything for us. And then we come home, there’s food for us. And it’s a different menu everytime. How do mothers do it?

Am I really ready for that?

My colleague who gave birth last November, said that once baby is born, somehow, our bio-clock automatically tunes in to the new way of life. I certainly hope I’ll be able to be as resilient. If there’s?one thing I can’t fight, it will be Mr Sleep. But yeah, I’m resolute. I must and I will. I guess that’s also why my first pregnancy didn’t work out. Maybe God knows I wasn’t ready at that time. Masih besarkan buat?taik mata.

And?with this second chance given and, God-willing, everything works out well, it would be ungrateful of me not to fulfill this new duty properly, aye?

It’s time.?


And dear friends, I miss you all LOTS.


More shopping on the way!


(Note: My first Baby is never neglected. I still shop for him too. Right, Dy? =p )

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*Of feeling blessed….*

By Freek at 7:10 am on Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dy & I got ourselves another new toy?a week ago. A new ACER?pc. Heh.?But with the new layout of our furniture, Baby A will?have space. I’ll be back to using the laptop once Baby A arrives. Stumbling on the LAN wire with Baby A in arms isn’t a very appealing idea. But for now, I’m enjoying the fun of LAN gaming with Dy once again – a hobby we had once?upon a time. This time with a 20″ lcd screen. =D


I felt a sharp pain on my left side?on Saturday?after dinner with Witt and?her Big Ben?at Lau Pa Sat.

Kinda like a very bad stitch after a 2.4km run. Only thing, it felt worse than that. Made it difficult to walk.

Mum said it was probably Baby A shoving and pressing it’s arm on that side of me. Since Baby A is getting bigger, it’s having difficulty finding space to move around.

7 and a half months.

Kicks and pushes are getting stronger. More pain will come and go from now on. Especially with my baby getting so much bigger and more active. But as long as it’s moving inside me, I’ll endure any pain. In fact, I think I’ll miss having a little human kicking me once this is over.

And so the preparation finally?begins.

What do we need? What else do?we need?

We’ll think about that tomorrow, aye, love?*******************************************************************************************?

ooOOOooOOOoooOOooo… with PB out, we have more ka-ching to shop for our baby!


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*B vs G….*

By Freek at 2:27 pm on Thursday, March 20, 2008

There have been a lot of people asking the gender of my baby of late. I guess it’s only natural since my stomach’s growing a lot that I can’t even see my ** and feet. Thing is, I wish I could give them a straight answer, but yeah, as you all know, Baby A had?his/her legs crossed during our last rendezvous so?it wasn’t really confirmed(though my instincts tell me that it’s a ___).

Anyhows, come Monday, it’ll be 7.5 months through this whole process, and it IS known that the second & fourth school term simply whizzzz by. So, it’s all happening really fast. Really.

So, back to the question of gender, my answer to that is, a healthy baby will do. I have no preference to?this gift?God wants to bestow upon me. Of course, back before I even got pregnant, I did mention that I would like to have a baby ___. But after?one failed pregnancy and now as this baby grows inside me, and I feel it move and hear it’s heartbeat, I feel?blessed enough that He has given me & Dy this second opportunity to bring a new life on His earth – to educate and nurture him/her to become a good Muslim.

Of course, I still have about a month an a half till I reach the big 9, and the whole process of delivery has it’s uncertainties. One thing’s for sure though, I pray to Him this last few weeks leading to the birth of Baby A will go on fine and I finally get to hold my very own little human in my arms.

Baby A, mum & dad will see you real soon, aight?

Will update you guys soon on the real gender of Baby A when I go for my appointment next month, aight? Hopefully, Baby A won’t cross it’s legs again. =D In the meantime, please pray for the both of us, yah?

It just suddenly hit me. I’ve only SIX weeks before hitting the big 9!

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By Freek at 12:30 am on Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’m supposed to be sleeping as I’ll be working tomorrow, but since the man is still surfing around, enjoying his first day of being jobless (well, till this coming Monday), I’ll stick around for a while to do up some of my work. Work is neverending, obviously, but yeah, I do what I can.

So, last week, Dy and I bought us some new toys to play with. Not the k*n*y sort, unfortunately though. Heh. Just 2 new stuff which are technically free since I’ll be claiming them under my LDS. Woohoo!

This first one, has been something I’ve been looking at for quite a while. I haven’t had the time to godeh-godeh and play around with it that much yet, but I hope to get the hang of it soon so that something productive can come out of it.


And, no. I’m not using an iMac. It’s just some random pic of the product I took off the Net.

The second toy, well, it’s pretty obvious what we’ll be doing with it.

And today, I bought a 160GB external harddisk which, I didn’t actually plan for, but I think would come in handy as well. Sadly though, I can’t claim for this one since, I’ve used up the LDS. It’s great to have an IT-geek for a hubby since I get to listen to him yak advise me on what to buy and what not to. Only bummer for me is, going to SLSq. Just like he gets bored and sleepy at Popular, I feel like sh*tt*ng when I’m in SLSq. Tsk.

Anyhoos, just wanted to share with you something. My sis works at a Swensen’s outlet in the East. I shan’t reveal which outlet though. =) So, every now and then, Dy & I will drop by to eat there – and hope for freebies. Heh. So, just a few days ago, I ate waffles there with a very Generous (with a very big capital G there) serving of ice-cream.


Though I asked my sis to add just 2 more extra cherries, I was given 5.. 1 on each corner of the waffle plus that one on top. And as you’ve noticed, the scoops of ice-cream are damn bigger than usual. He even gave 3 big scoops of ice-cream for Dy’s banana split. Thank you, sis’s colleague! (wonder if he was trying to impress us) *lol*. And since my sis requested I leave her some of the calamari rings I ordered, I decided to whip up a new creation for her.


Heh. Ya, memang aku takde kerja lain lor.

And for those whom I’ve not met for a while now, with all that food and the fact that I’m now 7 months preggie, it’s little wonder I look like this…


Don’t worry, I won’t topple over.

And don’t you even start mentioning the Rudolph-nose to me. =p

Aight, off to bed. Nitez~!

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*(almost) End of quarter year…*

By Freek at 6:27 pm on Monday, March 3, 2008

It’s weird now that I have?the picture of another man in my handphone besides Dy.

That MSK guy’s really reigning in all the attention.

Oh well..


Yeaps, it’s just 4 days more to go before the term break, though for me, I won’t really be?getting a week’s break since I have a 3-full day course to attend to and have to finish up for some event I’ll be in-charge of next term.?However, a?week from school to relax my mind and lay out my lessons for the next 2 terms, sounds really appetizing.

I’ve sorta decided to take the whole 3rd term off, but, yeah, have to discuss with a few important people first and also, if I DO carry that plan out, means I have just 1 term to do up 2 terms worth of worksheets and stuff. Fuiyo! I basically only have 8 weeks for the next term – or even less considering my due date is estimated at 9 months 3 weeks of pregnancy. I wonder how long I’ll last through the next term with my size and all, but, I think I can do it.

Had a bad cramp which felt like my stretched tummy was like being pinched. Happened during my?Younger Ones’?class.?Bad timing since I was playing a game with them.?Endured it. From?now on, pain is only going to get more and more so I might as well get used to it.

Anyhoos, I can’t really publish anything much about school these days considering some of my kids do hop on to my site. Tsk. Thought of sharing some really bizarre answers I got during the recent exams, but the kids who drop by have the habit of spreading whatever I type here, to their friends. Sheesh. So… ah well..


Baby A’s now 27-weeks inside of me.

1 more week till the 7th.

Dy has been reading prayers for Baby A. I, shall start reading a book now. (better late than never, I say)

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