By Freek at 8:16 am on Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dy and I… are officially broke.

Oklah, not himlah. I always make sure he has money with him all the time.

It is I who?is broke.

Heh.. fancy being Finance Minister of the home, but having zilch and all.

Well, can’t blame anyone but myself, really. Everytime Dy & I step into a mall, there’s always that urge for me to visit those kiddy shops and buy stuff for Baby A. Kalau takde benda nak beli pun, I will try hard to think of something to buy. Heh. Now, I have? membership cards from Kiddy Palace and Tom&Stefanie. Khkwehrewr..

Actually, it’s not that I don’t have moneylah. Like I said, I’m saving the dough for hospital bills. I emailed the hospital about billings and all and though I don’t really understand?the breakdowns of the billings and how much I’d have to fork out in the end, I’m guessing it’s gonna involve a shitload helluva lot of money.

Yesterday, while watching?dvd with Dy?while lazing around in our bed, I felt this awful cramp in my waist, back and also THAT area. Almost couldn’t move myself when I wanted to go pee. Kinda scary as the thought that it’s gonna be almost 33 weeks soon..and at this stage, anything can happen, anytime.?

Aku belum nak beranak woii! Nanti leave tak cukup! =/ But even so, I have discussed with Dy about taking my whole next term off. It would be tight since that means I will be having no-pay leave and all but being the Finance Minister, I have worked that out as well. Chehhhh…

My f.i.l who came in the evening yesterday?wanted me to deliver quickly so he could hold his first grandchild. He and all of Dy’s family members dropped by to visit for jalan pengantin?since my s.i.l had her wedding last weekend. And since the baby’s cot was right in the living room(for now since Dy and I need space to solat in our room and all), they were lamenting and wishing for this tiny being to come out soon.


And we still haven’t?confirmed a name for Baby A yet.

My s.i.l was asking my f.i.l,”Nanti cucu bapak ni nama dia apa?”

I said, “Cucu ni nama dia Choo-choo Train.”

Hehe. Sungguh the glamour nama dia you!

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