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By Freek at 10:45 pm on Monday, April 14, 2008

It’s not good having a sweet tooth. Got myself into trouble? since my sugar level shot up when I went for check-up just now. Thank goodness gynae didn’t make noise. Well, serves me right for eating the caramel apple dippers and ice milo?before meeting her.

Anyhows, Baby A is now about 2.2kg! Heh. At my last visit a month ago, Baby A was only about 1.5kg. Gynae said the baby’s growing very nicely but I’m worried about my OWN weight. Tsk. There goes all my eating spree. Dy has barred me from all sweet stuff since I was told about that increasing sugar level thingy. Sheesh.

Doc told me that from now on, pain will be a normal occurence. Well, you bet. I’ve had cramps since morning and I had to walk and bend forward a little since my stomach’s stretching some more. As for kicks and punches, Baby A’s definitely doing some serious taibo in there. Thanks to the calcium pills I guess.

I wanted to see Baby A’s face but doc said it’s quite impossible at such stage since everything’s crammed up inside. Baby’s head was pointing downwards though. As for gender, figure it out yourselves, yah? *winks* (this is Baby A’s rear view. literally)


And remember I mentioned about my S.I.L’s wedding? Meet the not-so-newly-weds.


*lol* Gian, mah…

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