*Am I..?

By Freek at 7:35 pm on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Of?late, I’ve heard people telling me that I look like?gonna pop any moment. Due to the sheer size of me, some people are worried and ‘terrified’ just by looking at me.

Yes. These days I?practically waddle about like a penguin,?move slower than a?sloth?and like I always say, climbing just 1 flight of steps is like climbing Everest.?I need to move out 5 minutes before the bell rings just to be IN time for classes.

There’s just not enough room anymore. Heh. Baby A is prolly growing bigger by the second and every moment, I feel stretched and my back hurts. I feel out of breath very often and I get real sharp taekwondo kicks to my?organs?every now and then. Don’t even get me started about my gastric area.

As I recall, I remember saying all these a few months back. Now that I think about it again, those times, are nothing compared to now. Back then, Baby A’s movements?felt like mere flutters. Heh. Ladies and gentlemen, I am starting to feel the real thing. Hey, hey. In case you get the wrong idea, I ain’t complaining here. Just describing what I’m going through, so that I can remember them when I read back my archives. Maybe for Baby B a few years down the road? *lol*

Which brings to mind.

Am I really ready for this?

Am I really ready to experience the pain which has been described as the most painful pain one can ever go through?

Am I ready to meet that tiny little human I have been carrying for 9 months?

Am I ready to be a mom?

Of course it’s a little to late to question things now. But to be honest, I am starting to feel afraid. Afraid that I am not strong enough to do this. Afraid that I’d freak out.

But then, I know God will give me strength and help me through this.

I know Dy will always be by my side, too. He and he WILL be there by my side when that day comes.

I know Baby A is counting on me to be strong as well.

I will try to be.

Ganbattei, Suhainis-san.

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