*In love…*

By Freek at 11:48 pm on Friday, June 27, 2008

We made a trip down to clinic today. Got Aaliya for check-up to get doc’s opinion on the phlegm-y state of my lil’ daughter. Alhamdullilah, it’s not very bad but doc prescribed some nose drops in case it got worse. Doc also weighed her and guess what? Aaliya is already a hefty 5.17kg! Phew. That’s kinda big for a 1-month old, apparently. Ber-musclelah aku tak lama lagi.

Anyway anyhow, after that, we went out for a while to grab a bite.

And finally got to snap a family photo of us. Hehe.

Since?we have over 400 pics of Aaliya, all taken on impulse this past month, let me share 2 of which will get me giggling every time I look at them. First up, her Yoda impression. Of course, Dy didn’t like me juxtaposing the 2 together. Haha…

And secondly, her wrapped in nappy all ready for bath. I sorta made it look like an ihram and with her just-shaved head, how appropriate. Wakaka.. and notice her birthmark on the left arm?

I think’s Aaliya’s gonna really be embarassed when she sees her pics in future. Hehe. But she really makes Dy & I smile even after a long night of looking after her.

I’m in love.



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*1 month….*

By Freek at 3:42 pm on Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nope… Aaliya isn’t a month old yet. She will be 4 weeks old this coming Wednesday, though. But based on the day she was born, which is 28th May, she’ll be a month old this coming Sat. Hmm.. I’m confused.

Anyhows, what I meant by 1 month is, the 1 month June hols is coming to a close already which also means, I’m left with slightly more than 2 more months of maternity. Goodness me. Time flies by so fast. Thank goodness though I’ve applied for unpaid so, I’ll only be back in school in Term 4. Aaliya’s growing bigger by the day and Dy, finally will start his NIE education. Despite how fast things are whizzing past, I feel blessed anyways.

Oooo, I’ve lost another 5kgs which means I’ve eliminated 15kgs of my pregnancy weight. Another 10kgs, and I’ll be back to my original post NIE size (which, somehow along the way, underwent a series of weight fluctuations). Hehe. It feels almost impossible considering I can’t wait to lay my hands on cold drinks and ice-cream again. Literally, my mum has put me on cold turkey on those stuff with being in confinement and all. But I suppose being denied all those things, worked. Looking at my pics from 3-4 years ago or even my wedding photos sometimes motivate me but on some days, makes it feel like a looOOoog way to go. Haha. So, let’s try to shed a few more kilos, shall we? I’ll see how long I can keep this up even after confinement period.

Iboo shall try. Heh. Ganbatte-ne~

(P/S: FYI, Iboo = Ibu. *lol*)

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*3 weeks…*

By Freek at 11:36 pm on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Aaliya turned 21 days today. Kinda surreal thinking that next week, she’ll be reaching her 1st month. It feels just like yesterday that I was counting down to her arrival.

But then again, she’s already the size of any 1+month old baby. Hehe.

Anyhows, alhamdullilah, I didn’t exactly have a wound infection. Apparently it was just some fatty tissue and water oozing out from the hole in my stitch. All I have to do now is to keep going to polyclinic to change the dressing until that hole closes. Ah well… I’m just glad every other thing is ok. In fact, I’m happy I can fit into my jeans again. Not the smaller size jeans I used to wear, yet.. but I believe I will get there. My butt’s still too big but since I can see my waist again it’s a good sign for now. Haha. Just need to get rid of a bit more flab in the front and I’m good to go. Weehoo!

And oh, finally, Baby Aaliya’s breast-feeding from my breasts. *lol*. She wasn’t keen on it when I tried before this. I had to pump it out and give her via bottle. But from yesterday, she accepted it. i must say, breast-feeding is very interesting. Kinda painful when I started (since Baby Aaliya gets really rakus at times.. heh) but soon, it makes me feel blessed. To be able to feed my baby.

Oh well… I’m off now. Accidentally hit my Big Baby. Gotta console him plak.

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*Of infection and turning 2 weeks…*

By Freek at 9:44 pm on Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On Sunday, I went down to KK 24-hour clinic.

I had a wound infection which caused yellowish pus to secrete from my stitch. Somehow, the liquid found a 1.5cm opening in the middle of my stitch and oozed out. So I’ve been to and fro to polyclinic to have dressing put on it these past few days.

Ah well, meeting my gynae again tomorrow. Hopefully, it gets better.

Truthfully, although my family, the docs, the nurses and even Dy have nagged and reminded me about not carrying Baby Aaliya (since she’s quite weighty), I seriously couldn’t stay away. So, I know it’s partly my fault that I’ve a hole in the middle of my stitch. Heh. But then, tell me… how can I resist?

Macam anak burung nganga tunggu ulat. Hehe. Siap dengan air mata seketul tu.

As of today, she’s 2 weeks old! (pandai dia tengok camera)

See the resemblance? =)

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*Growing.. and growing…*

By Freek at 9:25 pm on Thursday, June 5, 2008

Went for my check-up today. Doc removed?the stitches.

My wound area still feels numb, though not the comfortable kinda numb. More like, prickly every now and there kinda numb. But doc says the wound’s healing well.. so, alhamdullilah. I’ve lost 10 kilos since the pregnancy but I’m thinking I must lose 15 more. Tsk. But I don’t think it’s impossible considering my mum hawks my every food consumption. For the better, I guess.

Anyhows, Baby Aaliya’s growing well. doc advised me not to move around if I carry her cos’ her weight will put pressure on me wound. Which is kinda difficult cos’ depending on her mood, Baby Aaliya sometimes will only sleep in peace if one carries her and walks around. But yeah, for both our sakes, I’ll try to resist carrying her. And speaking of carry, me parents and bro bought a pram for Aaliya. Goodness me. These days those pram thingy are so costly. Ah well.. nasib baik orang sponsor. *lol*

So, if you don’t know my multiply as yet, here are peeks of Baby Aaliya. And oh, her umbilical cord has fallen off, so… boleh pakai baju lawa-lawa! Yeay!

This was taken in hospital. Can see the tembam-ness.

it’s very rare to see?my Sleeping Beauty?wake up during the day. But when she does, I just love her eyes. Heh.

Here she is 5 days old. Getting ready to go for her blood test.

Somehow, she poses for the camera. *lol*


This was taken yesterday. She turned 1 week old.

That’s it for now~


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