By Freek at 11:34 pm on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I’ve been feeling under the weather a few days ago. Alhamdullilah, I’ve recovered.

However, the bad thing is, which makes me feel absolutely guilty is, I’ve passed my germs to my little baby.

Now, she’s having flu and cough. I tell ya, when she coughs, it breaks my heart cos’ you can hear so much phlegm in them. What’s worse, she can cough continously for like more than ten times at a go and her face goes so red that after she stops, she looks so tired and desperate for air. Furthermore, there’s mucus stuck in her nose as well which makes it hard for her to breathe sometimes. Really breaks my heart.

Please pray for her.

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*Smiling Pwincess….*

By Freek at 8:25 pm on Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a few more days till our baby turns 2 months old. She has finally started smiling/laughing when we talk to her. It’s as if she understands what we say to her. I mean, not like she never smiled or anything before this. Only, these past few days, she’s able to look at you, and smile or make sounds when talked to. And after finally figuring out how to snap Aaliya’s pics without missing out on snapping her smiling, here they are. (I got so fed-up with people asking me whether Aaliya is a boy/girl. i mean, if she wore blue or a hat, I can understand. But if she wore a headband, asking me that question, is a bit ridiculous, right? i told Dy, if anyone asked me that question in this outfit, I swore I would punch the daylight out of him/her. Sheesh.)

Since she has eyebrows unlike her Iboo, her frowning look is so obvious. She can give me the “The Rock” eyebrow raise like her Ayah, too.

I tried putting her side-by-side with Patrick since she was in the same colour code. This is what happened. Haha.

Tomorrow, she’ll be having her check-up at KK. I wonder what the doc will say. Aight, I need to look after her now. Can’t bear to leave this cuddly-wuddly girl by herself. But before I end, my congrats to 2 new mommies I’ve gotten to know about in this blogging world, Sis Dila and Sis Alatriel. Both gave birth to pwincesses as well this July. Alrightey, see ya.

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By Freek at 1:57 pm on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brought Aaliya to the doc’s a few days back. She had been vomitting out almost all of whatever she drank. Not the usual baby regurgitation kinda thing. But literally, as a doctor mentioned, she vomits it out like the Merlion. And, she doesn’t pass motion too well.

All that because I tried switching back to formula. I try to breastfeed her every now and then by pumping out my milk. How come she doesn’t drink directly? She’s gone accustomed to the rubber teats and so, my nipple feels weird to her. Haha. However, I did try putting a teat on my nipple yesterday and guess what? She sucked on it! *lol* Funny girl lah this one.

Anyways, when she was born, she was on Wyeth Gold S26. But since she was always throwing out and?could go on 2 days without passing motion, I tried the Friso Comfort which was for babies who were vomitting, colic and constipation prone. And somehow, it worked. She didn’t vomit and her stools were good. So I thought since everything was fine, we’ll go back to normal milk formula. I bought Friso formula but the same problem started. So I brought her to the docs, and doc told me to just continue with the Comfort one. Has reflux, the doc said. Gosh, I just hope she doesn’t get reflux or gastric like her mummy. =(

Alhamdullilah, everything’s fine now though she has to eat some medication for the colic. Anak aku angin satu badan.

Yesterday, I was so tired. But?she was just crying and crying, till I broke down. I cried and talked to her. Told her I was tired and everything. And miraculously, she stopped crying?and looked at me crying. I laid down beside her and she looked at my face silently. Don’t know when I passed out, but she didn’t wake up 3 hours later at 1am for feeding but woke up at 4am instead. I quickly woke up and kissed this little darling and gave her her milk.

Kecik2 dah faham.

Gosh I feel so guilty. Come on, Suhainis. Your baby needs you. Not the other way around.

Gotta be stronger.

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*Back to school…*

By Freek at 9:44 am on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nah.. I still have about more than 1 and a half month before I start teaching again.

Just that later, I’m dropping by to school to see my kids do their full-dress rehearsal. And also save some of my important stuff from school lappie. Hell no I’m not gonna bring that laptop back. I don’t want to waste my money on another accident-and-repair incident. Frigging?1K flew away just like that last year due to a trip-and-crack accident.

Anyhows, I miss my lil’ girl. She’s only been gone for like an hour but I’m missing her already. She’s at my in-laws place right now. Since it’s been like 4 days since they last saw her and also since it looks like rain, I decided to send her there. But yeah, kalau diturutkan hati, aku nak bawak dia ke mana-mana. Sampai Dy naik fed-up bila dia sound pergi holiday tapi aku nak bawak Aaliya. Hehe… I am after all a first time mother. The drive is overwhelming. I’m guessing a lot of mothers out there would prolly be saying, “Just wait till you have more children. Then you’d want to send all of them away.” Heh.

Anyhows, I’m back to drinking cold stuff again! The pleasure as the mango smoothie at Kenny Rogers slithered down my throat was unbelievable. Sheer heaven.

Next up, that choc blended at Fish & Co.

Me loike~

Gosh I miss my baby.

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*She’s OURS…*

By Freek at 10:55 pm on Sunday, July 6, 2008

I went through some of mine and Dy’s baby photos, and I searched for the closest match?to Aaliya’s pics. I trust you guys can differentiate between Aaliya and us.

This one’s of Dy & her. Very the alike.

Aaliya’s a big cryer. She screams like nobody’s business occasionally and when she does, it reminds me of this pic of Dy. My mum says I don’t cry as loud as Aaliya does when I was young so,?I guess she?inherited that trait from her dad along with?the thin lips. Mine’s a bit fuller.

Aaliya is a double-chinned baby. Just like I was back then. And notice my fuller lips.

?Heh. How uncanny the pose is almost similar despite being 26 years apart.

As Dy said as well, Aaliya looks better than both her parents.

She?has both our best features.


On a brighter and LIGHTER note as well, aku dah boleh pakai jeans lama aku balik!



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