By Freek at 12:27 am on Saturday, August 30, 2008

First & foremost, a Happy Teachers’ Day to all who have, in one way or another, taught someone or anyone to do something. (Brought Aaliya to school for my school celebration since I was asked to come. Aaliya made me proud. She was silent throughout the concert & even slept through the noise. She returned the attention given by the teachers with smiles & laughters. They called her a ‘friendly baby’. Haha.)

Secondly, though most importantly of all, happy celebrating Ramadhan to all.

Thirdly, happy weekend. Enjoy~ (By the way, hop over to Aaliya’s site. Posted a video of her ‘saying’ 1 word. *winks*)

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*Newsy news…*

By Freek at 11:58 am on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can’t think up a?good title but come to think of it, it explains what I wanna update about.

Newsy news. Double news.

Aaliya, God Willing, will be getting 2 younger cousins next year. Hurrah!

Finally, I get to have twins in my family.

Oklah, not exactly MY family. But Dy’s family. Sis-in-law.

I’m excited. I’ve always liked looking at twins. Have a particular pair in my school I adore. Though I like the idea of having twins myself, twins?are just not in my genes. And also, I’d rather have someone else go through it.?Dahtu, aku bolehlah romos! By that time, Aaliya would be almost a year old and bolehlah aku ajak dia romos sekali!


Eeee…. bestnya!!!

Kakak Aaliya. *lol* Or Kakak Syaimah as my in-laws family calls her.

Now that’s a thought.

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*Weekend of new baby & an engagement…*

By Freek at 10:38 pm on Monday, August 25, 2008

I was about to lament on that P. Package but then I thought, what the puck? There is really no point in doing so and I should just get over it.


So, moving to happier things, the past weekend had been great. On Saturday, I finally got to meet my ex-neighbours’ new addition. This?family lived just beside my house until?they moved about?3 or so?weeks ago. When?the new baby boy was born,?they were?still living next to me but I hadn’t the chance to see him since I?was?healing from the c-sect & then had fever &?then flu. So, off to Teck Whye we went for his cukur rambut ceremony. Despite the rain and slight miscommunication on block number, Aaliya was all smiles. (well, being carried around doesn’t really?warrant any cause?for complain, aye?)

So, finally got to meet Mohd Adnan. He is so light! Oklah, comparing him to my Tembamz, he is definitely?lighter, which I guess is normal for a baby his age. I was not really expecting for him to be so light cos’ he was quite ‘tall’. But very, very cute. He was focusing on me with his pouty lips when I was talking to him. Heh.

And what was Aaliya doing while I was carrying Adnan?

On Sunday, I went to the engagement of my dear, dear friend, Nor Fauziah Binte Sulaiman or as we call her, Poji. We have been friends since, like, kindergarten. That’s like 19-20 years ago sey! Went there with a dear sis of mine and met up with another dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for about 17-18 years now. Those are such big numbers, I can just feel my youth kinda like, diminishing as I think about it. *shrugs* Any-o-how, Poji looked gorgeous on that day. When I entered the room, she was all dolled up, I told her to just nikah?terus since?she already looked the part. Seriously.

To Poji, I pray for the best for?you and can’t wait to finally see you walk down the aisle.

And with that,

(P/S: These days, I call Aaliya – Mentelerz cos she’s always?smiling and silently laughing?sheepishly when we talk/entertain her.?*lol*)

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By Freek at 3:20 pm on Friday, August 22, 2008

Inspired by Sis Alateriel & Baby Auni?I decided to send Aaliya for circumcision & ear-piercing.

Actually, I have been meaning to send her earlier. But since Doc B at the clinic near my area only does circumcision for babies?3-months and older and ear-piercing from 6-months onwards, I couldn’t. But, I suddenly remembered about Dr M in Tampines?and?asked Dy to call to set an appointment.

I told Dy not to inform any of our parents about it as I wanted to bring her myself. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it myself?cos’ he?told me that most of his friends got their moms to bring their babies for circumcision & piercing and reminded me of what a cry-baby I was when it came to things done on Aaliya. But I was adamant.

Of course, while waiting to go into the doc’s office, I was nervous as hell. Took deep, deep breaths and paced back and forth with Aaliya in my arms. Thankfully there were only 1 or 2 patients in the clinic but I bet I must have drove them crazy.?When it was time, I gained my composure, and selawat lotsa times. As I expected, Aaliya?wailed the minute I put her on the doc’s bed. She really hates it when we lay her down when she hasn’t got enough of being carried. So, basically she was crying because she was put on the bed and not because she was cut.

And then, it was time for ear-piercing. Doc told me to hold?Aaliya real tight so that she couldn’t move. But Aaliya is a strong girl and even doc was surprised. So, Dy took over since he has bigger and stronger arms. Aaliya was screaming so loudly at being held tight and even louder when the studs pierced her, I was almost going to climb up the wall. RewardedPacified her with a bottle of milk after that?and all was quiet although amidst the drinking, she ‘complained’ and ‘complained’ for putting her through the pain. Hahah.?Kecik-kecik dah pandai ngomel lor.

And so, in a matter of those?minutes, my baby has finally been circumcised and has a lovely pair of studs on her ears. Alhamdullilah. And now, for that 3-month old medical check-up & the many-in-1 immunisation on 1st September.

Notice how she always looks at the camera when I’m taking her picture? It’s almost as if she already understands what to do when she sees that metallic-silver?rectangular?object with a round thing protruding out in the centre.?Heh. Fierce anak aku.

Jadi kalau sesiapa masih tanya lagi anak aku lelaki ke pompuan, meh sini aku cocok lobang kat telinga korang sikit. Baru aku bagi tau jawapannya.

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*Of fear and agitation….*

By Freek at 10:31 pm on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting off, let me relate to you something I find amusing about Dy.

He is scared of heights.

Yes. Despite living on the 12th floor for many years with his family, he gets very uneasy around high places.

For example, today, we were at NTU and crossing this bridge at En-gineering block. As I walked across, he was calling me, “Nis, wait for me! Wait for me!” Without even moving an inch from the end of the bridge. As I turned, he ran across the bridge like lightning. Haha. Almost looked like the Kenny guy from “Ar-my Daze”. Haha. Sorry, Dy. Had to blog about it.

And to think I’m gonna drag him to Swiss-o-tel one day.


As for me, I’m feeling agitated.


I’m feeling very, very restless. Everytime I look at the calendar, I am reminded of how many days I have left before work starts again. Haiz, the 4-months maternity leave the P-M talked about in the rally came a tad too late. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

I can’t whine and sigh enough that I’ll be spending lesser time with Aaliya when work starts. I’ll get her only in the evenings when I finish my work and all. And I guess we all know how much paperwork/markings need to be done even after school hours. For that, I am determined to quicken my marking speed so I can go back home early for my baby.

On the other hand, though, I can’t wait to go back to school again. I miss the kids. Though selectively, I do miss the kids. Haha. I don’t think they’ll be thrilled with my return, but I sure can’t wait to sit at my desk again. To teach again.

So, 4 months maternity. I’ll?reserve you for my next baby. Wakakaka.

As if that’ll be anytime soon.

Oh well.

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