*Feeling the heat….*

By Freek at 12:05 am on Monday, September 29, 2008

(Aaliya’s blog updated, too. =)??? )

Finally, the heat of all this F1 hype has died down now that it’s finally over. Must say I was quite put on the edge of my seat seeing all those cars whizz by and me being me, I was rooting for the one with the greatest challenge, the Alonso guy who was in last place to start. Good thing he won. Oh, I gave Aaliya a little shock when I screamed as one of the cars crashed. Heh. Anjat gergerl.

It’s been extremely hot these days. Obviously, it sucks to the max especially when the kids get under your skin and all in school. But I try to look at it from the better point of view. That God is giving us more challenge this Ramadhan to test our faith in Him. And that’s, kinda a good thing, yah?

Basically, preparation for Raya is almost done. Cleaning the room’s next on the list. As I said, this year, it’s all about Aaliya. I got my sis to paint a ‘beanstalk’ on one of the walls. I wanted to use it to chart Aaliya (and?her future sibling’s..?*lol*)?growth. I’m happy with what my sis has done. And so, after that, I pasted Aaliya’s pic according to the date I recorded. The next charting will be in November. Making it kind of?a every 3 months thing.

Dy, Aaliya & I?have 2 sets of matching costumes. I’m borrowing one of my mum’s so, that’s another set. Haha. It’s sucky that I’m not able to fit into much of my siblings & mum’s clothes due to my increased boobs & butt size. Haiz. And buying new ones isn’t exactly cheap. Besides, I’m more engrossed in buying for Aaliya & Dy than for me.

And please. Don’t make me go Geylang anymore. Please. It’s so damn hot in there. (our fault for going near the noonlah actually, but still… the crowd. Goodness.)

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*A little message….*

By Freek at 9:22 pm on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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By Freek at 1:03 pm on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I actually typed an entry but something went wrong.

Oh well.

Anyways, my it’s been a week but the sore in my?throat is still not going away. All I can do is drink more water when I buka?I guess. Speaking of which, craving for sweet corn drink. Yum yum.

This year, Dy & I have decided to only buy 2 sets of Hari Raya clothes. Although I don’t know how many of my previous years clothes I can still fit into and I can’t share with my sisters anymore due to my expanding waist and bustline, I’m not putting much effort into shopping and?dressing up for Raya this year. The excitement to celebrate hss somewhat, diminished as I get older. Besides, being an adult during Hari raya is no fun for the pockets at all. *lol*

Bought a kebaya for Aaliya. Bought a similar one for myself as well albeit I’ve to buy a size bigger than last year’s. Wait a minute, I didn’t even celebrate raya last year. Was busy throwing up 5-8 times a day being pregnant! Sigh. But no matter. I tried the kebaya on her and she looked so darn cute. Haha. Can’t wait to dress her up again. Now, I’ve only to buy her a slingback. Maklumlah, nak collection.


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*Back to work….*

By Freek at 5:40 pm on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspired by jet-lag, I’m thinking, I’m feeling work-lag at the mo’.

After the end of Day 1 of school, I was already feeling feverish and?had a sore in my throat even today.?On the morning of Day 2, my head spun. The world spun when I stood up and when I closed my eyes. Needless to say, I called in sick albeit it being only my second day since an almost 4 month hiatus from work.

Don’t get me wrong. Day 1 went more than smoothly. The kids were good and lessons went well. Didn’t need to raise my voice at all.?So it was puzzling really when I had a sore throat at the end of the day. I pried and pondered?but all I could think of was, it could be because I didn’t drink much water for sahur that morning. Oklah. Oklah. And I ate 2 ice-cream cones the Sunday before. =p

So, I took a trip down to the doc, (my maiden trip with Aaliya to the neighbourhood just me & her). It was even MORE puzzling when the doc told me to take a pregnancy test! *lol* I was almost going to choke for surpressing my laughter but I took it anyway. Of course, it was negative! Like duh! Contraceptive dokk! (not taking pills anymore though)

She told me though that there’s a weeny bit of problem with my urine samples so, she gave me some antibiotics. Prolly the lack of water hasn’t been good to my body. Despite my plump stature, I actually get dehydrated very easily. All due to my own forgetfulness to drink water every now and then. Sometimes I drink like only 3 cups of water a day all because I’ve too much work! Things have gotta change though.

It must.

Ah well… back to work.

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