*Back to work….*

By Freek at 5:40 pm on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspired by jet-lag, I’m thinking, I’m feeling work-lag at the mo’.

After the end of Day 1 of school, I was already feeling feverish and?had a sore in my throat even today.?On the morning of Day 2, my head spun. The world spun when I stood up and when I closed my eyes. Needless to say, I called in sick albeit it being only my second day since an almost 4 month hiatus from work.

Don’t get me wrong. Day 1 went more than smoothly. The kids were good and lessons went well. Didn’t need to raise my voice at all.?So it was puzzling really when I had a sore throat at the end of the day. I pried and pondered?but all I could think of was, it could be because I didn’t drink much water for sahur that morning. Oklah. Oklah. And I ate 2 ice-cream cones the Sunday before. =p

So, I took a trip down to the doc, (my maiden trip with Aaliya to the neighbourhood just me & her). It was even MORE puzzling when the doc told me to take a pregnancy test! *lol* I was almost going to choke for surpressing my laughter but I took it anyway. Of course, it was negative! Like duh! Contraceptive dokk! (not taking pills anymore though)

She told me though that there’s a weeny bit of problem with my urine samples so, she gave me some antibiotics. Prolly the lack of water hasn’t been good to my body. Despite my plump stature, I actually get dehydrated very easily. All due to my own forgetfulness to drink water every now and then. Sometimes I drink like only 3 cups of water a day all because I’ve too much work! Things have gotta change though.

It must.

Ah well… back to work.

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