*Open houses….*

By Freek at 11:33 am on Monday, October 13, 2008

(Aaliya’s blog updated)

What do I do with Aaliya for extra bonding?

We SHOWER together. *lol*

Yes, whenever I get to pick her up early from the in-laws, I’ll ask them not to bathe her cos I’ve started bathing with her in the shower. Meaning, I carry her in my arm since she can hold her body upright now and I make her lean on me from time to time. Sure, it gets slippery, but I grip her extra tight when it’s time to soap. Heh. Maybe can get Dy to join in the action next time. Only if he’s not TOO busy doing his assignments. Bleargh!


I hate going to open houses.

You can be sure to stock up the fat belt around the waist.

Oklah, so it’s a matter of choice. But then, when one house serves briyani (my in-laws, which I obviously will NEVER resist since it’s so yum-may despite how many times I’ve eaten it before), another serves mee bakso/tahu goreng and another serves shepherd’s pie & spagetti, it’s seriously too much to resist. I mean, if everyone were to serve the same thing, it would be easier to just skip but?the problem?with varieties, dang!

Aight, off to class.

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