*6 & 26…*

By Freek at 1:21 am on Saturday, November 29, 2008

Feeling quite upset from the thought that my SD card might be lost. Sigh. Pics of my growing baby’s in it. Yes, growing. My 8.67kg of pure baby. Yes she’s now twice the weight she was when she was born.

But anyhows, turning 26 had been quite a bumpy ride. It hadn’t exactly turned out good, but I’m grateful that things had been resolved and I’m surrounded by my loved ones. Oh, and my siblings gave me a PSP. Kinda ironic for me. I’m waiting for my BIG birthday prezzie in December though.

Aaliya just turned 6 months old. It’s just so surreal. My baby was just a not-so-tiny newborn a 6 months ago, and now she’s 6 months to being a year old. She’s growing up too fast!! Sigh. But I’m excited with her development nonetheless. She’s able to eat a full bowl of her instant cereal 2 times a day?now. Previously when we first started out, she’d?squirt out half of what is fed and she?didn’t have the patience to sit and be fed and I had to end up transferring to bottle. Now though, when she sees her green bowl given by Auntie Limah a few months ago, she getw excited and goes, “Mmm.. mm…” Hehe.. This happened on the first day she finished a whole bowl.

Alhamdullilah, she’s gotten the hang of it and no more mess. Only when she drinks from her cup. Yes. Her sippy cup. As for hair, her hair’s growing slowly but surely.

And yeah, I couldn’t resist getting these Ipanemas…

My broken sandal straps was the?perfect excuse to buy them. Oklah, there was no good excuse to buy Aaliya’s pair but, cute mah. Aight, off to bed. Hope my SD cards in school. Tsk.

Oh, remember my DnD??? =)

?(A Kill Bill-ish Jap assasin, 1/3 of Charlie’s Angels, A ‘Black Widow’ and Bride of Darth Vader…*lol*)

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*Staff DnD….*

By Freek at 1:41 pm on Friday, November 21, 2008

My back is so tired.

Feel like getting an elephant to trampl on it.



Hugh-Jackman Sexi-est Man Alive.

It’s about time anyways. Yumm-may..

GB, JA too.

And of course, MY MAN @ home. *lol*


I’ll be having my school’s annual dinner later.

We’ll have to dress-up as our fave hero/villain. Though I have my fave heroes, it’s kinda difficult dressing up as them. Not to mention how much I’d have to spend on new stuff. So, I’ll be going as a villain. No, not Darth Maul or Venom.

I’ll be going as The-Bride-of-The-One-With-The-Breathing-Problem.


Go figure that out.

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*2 months and 1 month…*

By Freek at 8:31 am on Friday, November 21, 2008

Aaliya’s 8 weeks old now, come Monday, she’ll be 2 months old.

Seems so fast. When I looked back at the photos I’ve taken of her, it just seems so surreal to see how much she’s grown and changed. I’ve this album I compiled of pics of her. Ala scrapbook. Me mum asked me if I was going to do the same for the next child and so on. I said of course! She told me, I must.. have to be fair.If I give one, I must make sure the others get same.

Heh. Next child… that’ll be in 2010. Goal 2010. Wakaka. And then, let’s hope there will be number 3 & 4 as well since both Dy & I come from families with 4 siblings. God Willing. Heh…

Anyways, I’ve been having flu and fever these past few days. Naturally, today Aaliya got it too. Just breaks my heart to hear her cough with all that phlegm in that not-so-tiny body. And she feels warmer than usual. What’s more.. she has been sleeping the whole day today. Tak sedap badan. Usually, she would be more active. Listening to people talking to her, smiling and laughing, waving her arms around macam orang swimming. Looking at the pictures from the books I bought for her and smiling as if she knows and understands. But today, she slept after feeding. I carried her facing me and she slept soundly for hours only to wake up to feed. She smiled only for a few moments and heck, she cried lesser than usual. I felt miserable. Went to doc, and got some medication to clear her phlegm. Hopefully her fever will subside too. Will sponge her to prevent it from getting worse or prolonging. Tsk.


I’ve only 1 more month before I start working again. Haiz.

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*Of Firsts…*

By Freek at 11:11 pm on Friday, November 14, 2008

These past few days or week has been filled with first times.

For example, today marks the last day for the first few pupils I taught when I first entered that school somewhere in AMK. When I first taught them from June of 2005, they were in P3. Taught them all through P4 & also P5. Didn’t manage to teach them in P6 due to my pregnancy, but nonetheless, I’m gonna miss them once they move on to the next chapter of their lives. They have taught me a lot throughout my time with them.

And then earlier today, my school had the annual Prize-giving. It was?my first time decorating for the event. It is quite a big event but I had to work on zero budget. Alhamdullilah, everything went smoothly and none of the letters I stuck on the banner fell and hit anybody’s head during the concert. Phew!

As for Dy’s and mine first-born, these are some of her firsts:

Except for her whinings-in-between-spoonfeed, she was okay with eating. Hehe. Oklah, she doesn’t whine. More like grumble and rumble and pulling the spoon beckoning me to hurry up in scooping those baby nestum.

My dad bought this for Aaliya. It has flashing lights and outrageous music and a mirror which she’s looking at in this picture. Even babies know the meaning of vanity thses days. *lol*. I was kinda worried that the flashy lights would spoil her eyes, but?since she likes looking at moving objects, it’s ok I guess. I think I’ll upload the video of her “humming” to one of the tunes. Haha. Will do when I’m free, aight?

This one had been the most fun so far. During our showers a few days back, I’ve slowly introduced her to room tempeature water and also cold water. So, when we hit the shower before getting into the pool, she kinda shivered since it was cold tap water. Then I brought her to touch the pool water from the sides. Initially, I let her feet touch the water first then slowly moved her down and down. She was about to cry but Dy & I praised and applauded her and it seemed to pacify her.

As I gradually submerged her body up to the chest level, she was literally ‘freezing’ her body, afraid to move and I could see her lips shivering. I was about to give up but to my surprise, after about 7 minutes or so, she began smiling and a few minutes later, she actually began kicking her legs, treading water and laughing and laughing! Haha. It was hilarious but such a proud moment for Dy & I. I’ve a video on this too. Will upload soon.

Meanwhile, bed’s a-calling. Nights!

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By Freek at 1:49 pm on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please, don’t make me do something I can’t.

Stop it.


And stop making me feel guilty about it.


It’s a big irony, this entry and my previous one.

There I was, rambling about how I cried when my daughter fell from her pram, but on Sunday, I visited a mum who was grieving over the loss of her 3-4year old son.

The boy had been in a pitiful state when he was alive. He was mentally incapacitated, and often went into a fit or seizure. His development was quite slow, too. Even at his age, he could not sit on his own, could not move too much and to top it all up, he had breathing problems and a lot of phlegm in his lungs or something. And his eyesight wasn’t good either.

So, maybe you think he died from one of the above. No.It’s really sadder than that.

A?few days back, he got admitted due to his asthma or something. I’ve seen him in hospital a few months back. The poor boy had to be tied up in case he rolled over cos’ you know, he can’t really move himself.

But apparently, on the day that he died, he was not tied. He was certified to go home.

However, he rolled over and I guess, he must’ve suffocated cos’ by the time the nurse came, he was already blue and no longer breathing.

I really is a blow to all of us. I mean, if he was to breathe his last from any of his sickness, it would prolly have been easier to let go. But the way he did, raised so much question especially that of negliegence. But I suppose, God wants him by His side. He did look really peaceful when I saw him lying on his hospital bed.

Please, say a little prayer for Adam Azahari.


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