*A much needed break….*

By Freek at 1:25 am on Sunday, January 25, 2009

Before I start, found this among the stashes of photos & vids I’ve yet to sort out. Made me smile despite how miserable I feel having the tissue box on standby beside me for wiping off??an incessant runny nose. Taken during our trip to the zoo with Aaliya’s Auntie Suhaila & Uncle Noh.


Cliche as it may sounds, time’s whizzing by so fast. Aaliya’s gonna be 8 months in 3 days time and it’s already almost into the 5th week of Term 1 and that means exams are around the corner. Which is scary, really. These past few days, I’ve been plagues by a teacher’s worst enemy – besides *** kids of course – Mr. Sore Throat. Now, I’m having a flu. Which is why CNY long break is so welcomed. All these are just a prelude to my Red Alert time of the month, I tell ya. My body’s crazy like that.

Anyhows, I had a crazy incident just a few days back. Friday actually. I had my patience tested and I did something I’m not proud of, definitely. The last time I lost my cool was like 3 years ago, during my first few months in school. I’ve calmed and?mellowed since but somehow, the button got pushed again. Needless to say, I had some calling up to do, to explain the situation. Thank God I was understood. Me not gonna write about it here since I do have some of my nosy kids lurking around here and asking questions in school, so, PM me on MSN if you guys wanna know about it, yeah?

Speaking of work, this is my workspace taken after I finished with my stacks of books. Yes, I have a rug underneath and people do have to take their shoes off in the area. *lol*. Yeaps, there’s a shoe rack just beside where I stand while taking this picture.


Since I’m around fellow chocoholics, Cikgu Zana & Alia, we’ve dedicated this space on my cabinet for the putting of this sinful snack. Want some? Hehe..


Speaking of chocholates, Aaliya has hers too.


Her teether. I just hope she doesn’t get hooked on chocs like her mum & god-aunts does. =p But then again, I did swipe a bit of choc into her mouth the other day. Haha. It’s so much fun seating her on the baby chairs when we go out to eat. She minds her own business and also what is on our plates.?Always have to be wary of her hands. This?girl’s quick to pull anything within her grasp.?The other day, she made the funniest sound. If you all know how Bruce Lee always makes that wailing sound when he’s fighting, yes, that’s what she did… “Wataaaaaaaaaaaak….” Hehehe… and a long one at that! Lucky Dy to have his daughter turn out like his favourite martial arts guy.

And here are some of the recent pics I managed to upload. There are loads more, of course. Just too pre-occupied with my nose at the mo’. Sigh, when will I even upload the December Malacca trip? *lol These days, this little girl’s begun ‘wanting’ stuff. When I try to take her out from the tub after a bath, she resents by making noise. (she’s already sitting in the tub on her own by the way). When I take away my handphone or whatever thing’s she’s been eyeing, she makes noise. When I brought her out of the swimming pool after a swim, she makes noise. And yes, latest is this…


Hehe… these rides are freaking expensive this days. $1 as opposed to 20cents during my time. Lil’ Girl, we go here sometimes-sometimes only, ok? Later no money buy your pampers, darling. Times are bad.


Awwww, don’t cry. We can go. Just not often.?Hehe. And I’ve started bringing her to night class wearing this.


The nights have been rather cold so, she’s been alright wearing this so far. Really accentuates her more-than-chubby cheeks. Bite-able.

Aight, I’ll be off now.


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*A fresh start….*

By Freek at 8:16 pm on Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How has the first few days of a new school year been for me?

Interesting, I must say. Am quite excited to go through this year. I’m not really surprised with the levels I’ll be teaching. Kinda expecting it, in a way. However, it’s just been like, 3 days, but there are 2 things which has seriously made me feel inadequate as a teacher. Made me really feel incompetent. I can’t really elaborate here cos’ I know some of my kids do read my?blog and they might start speculating around and everything, so if you guys wanna know, just buzz me on msn when you see me, yah? People around me have been telling me to not think too much of it, but I really am disturbed about them. Trying to slowly brush those insecurities away though. No sense getting bogged down with them. All I have to remember is that I do the best I?can to educate. And look at the smiles & waves of kids who are excited to start their day in school day in, day out.

Anyways, I owe quite alot of things here. Like for example, Aaliya’s trips to Mandai Zoo & also Malacca with her godma & godpa – Auntie Suhaila & Uncle Noh. I’ll be updating?about them?in Aaliya’s blog so, don’t forget to drop by once I do update. Then there’s also a tag from Ida about that thingy list meme or something. Gosh, Ida, you know how hectic teaching is.. *winks* Nonetheless, thanks, sis. Shows I’m remembered. *lol* Shall do it one day, aight, sis.

You know what exactly has been keeping me away from blogging? My PSP. Such a demon it is. Distracting me and addicting me. Sims2 – down. On to Castaway.

Damn it.

Ending on a lighter note, our little princess is finally able to sit?without support. She can’t sit on her own as yet, but when I seat her, she can sit up well. Heh. Alhamdullilah. Was able to let her sit in her bath-tub and let her splash around on her own. And, oh, can finally see signs of tooth/teeth. Ah… *bliss*

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*What 2009 means to me….*

By Freek at 12:00 am on Thursday, January 1, 2009

What does hopping into the year 20-0-9 mean to me?

Not much.

The Islamic calendar has already turned a new year a few days ago. The rest of the world’s celebrating the turn of a new year as the clock strikes 12 soon. It just means another 365 days of doing the same things I’ve done in 20-0-8 i.e being a wife, being a mom, being a daughter, being a sister, being a friend, being a colleague, being a teacher, being a blogger, being an acquaintance,?being a neighbour, being a stranger. Just a new round of 365 days of trying my best to control my temper, of trying to lose weight, of trying to eliminate my procrastinating demon, of trying save money, of trying to be the best I can be. Being in 2009 just means, according to the calculations the world stipulated, I’ll turn 27.

2009. I’ll still try to control my temper. Still try to lose weight. Still be battling with my P-demon. Still struggle to save money from the clutches of Retail-Therapy. Still try to be a better person than I am presently at every aspect of my life.

2009=same ol’ resolution=one more extra wrinkle=3 more years to big ol’ 30=running out of time.

Sands of time slipping through very quickly. Just glad that through this lifetime, I’ve great family & friends to journey it?with, though.

Despite how depressing another year forward sounds, another 365 days of being with loved ones and doing things I love, makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you, Allah, for still giving me this opportunity.


I’m over the moon when he asked me that question.

Yes, we shall.

God permits.

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