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By Freek at 8:16 pm on Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How has the first few days of a new school year been for me?

Interesting, I must say. Am quite excited to go through this year. I’m not really surprised with the levels I’ll be teaching. Kinda expecting it, in a way. However, it’s just been like, 3 days, but there are 2 things which has seriously made me feel inadequate as a teacher. Made me really feel incompetent. I can’t really elaborate here cos’ I know some of my kids do read my?blog and they might start speculating around and everything, so if you guys wanna know, just buzz me on msn when you see me, yah? People around me have been telling me to not think too much of it, but I really am disturbed about them. Trying to slowly brush those insecurities away though. No sense getting bogged down with them. All I have to remember is that I do the best I?can to educate. And look at the smiles & waves of kids who are excited to start their day in school day in, day out.

Anyways, I owe quite alot of things here. Like for example, Aaliya’s trips to Mandai Zoo & also Malacca with her godma & godpa – Auntie Suhaila & Uncle Noh. I’ll be updating?about them?in Aaliya’s blog so, don’t forget to drop by once I do update. Then there’s also a tag from Ida about that thingy list meme or something. Gosh, Ida, you know how hectic teaching is.. *winks* Nonetheless, thanks, sis. Shows I’m remembered. *lol* Shall do it one day, aight, sis.

You know what exactly has been keeping me away from blogging? My PSP. Such a demon it is. Distracting me and addicting me. Sims2 – down. On to Castaway.

Damn it.

Ending on a lighter note, our little princess is finally able to sit?without support. She can’t sit on her own as yet, but when I seat her, she can sit up well. Heh. Alhamdullilah. Was able to let her sit in her bath-tub and let her splash around on her own. And, oh, can finally see signs of tooth/teeth. Ah… *bliss*

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