By Freek at 10:56 pm on Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks for the words of comfort with regards to my previous entry.

My sincerest apologies to?you guys for?my rather sordid previous entry.

It’s just prolly my prelude to the “mo-flo”, though?(what G. Ong suggested “monthly flow” be called rather than PMS and stuff). Nasty time of the month. Makes me do and say terrible things sometimes.

I promise, henceforth, I shall refrain from the use of? profanities, bearing in mind I have some young readers who pop by once in a blue moon.

It will be difficult, but I’ll try.

It was just an avenue for me to vent out some pent-up steam so that my Monday wouldn’t kick off with all the bad karma. Though I’m still pissed about it, lugging it around like excess baggage, I’m feeling a weeny bit better than before I did. So, yeah, it took me a lot of swearing and cursing but it lifted a bit of the load strapped on my mind. I’m a sinner. Everybody is. But I pray to God for forgiveness and that He shows them that other people have feelings and can get offended.

I wish I could be like Dy sometimes. Take it in one ear and out the other. But, to my misfortune, I’m sometimes head-strong and kinda blunt about things that I take a disliking to.?I don’t really believe in smiling through my teeth if I get offended. Rather, I have a face that perfectly reflects how I feel inside. And if you’re being obnoxious, you can bet I’ll give you a disgusted look. That is if you’re lucky. If you aren’t, get ready to shed blood in the battle of words with me.

Really, I’m actually, a dormant volcano. I’m most of the time calm, and cheerful and happy-go-lucky. I live by fun and humour peppered with sarcasms. But I believe people know, that it’s just in the name of laughter and not in any way, meant as insults. But dormant volcanoes do erupt sometimes. And seriously, I psyche myself up every single day, telling myself, “Today, I am one day older. I’ll mellow down a bit more.”

And mellow I strive to be.

Truth be told, I’m a simple person. I couldn’t care less about what people say.

But, please, do thread carefully. Cos’ Suhainis may not be such a nice laydee when she gets her toes stepped on.

Oh, well. Moving along.

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*I need a break… f**k*

By Freek at 9:23 pm on Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just finished watching the latest episode of Supernatural. Season 4, Ep 17. Took me a long time to download the thing since I don’t really know how to use the software. But my efforts paid off. Heh. Great stress-reliever.

Anyhows, I suddenly feel such a heavy burden hovering above me. I don’t know. Suddenly, everything’s piling down on me. Finances has a permanent spot there, and I usually manage so I don’t really understand why it is?suddenly lurking a nasty side today. Then there’s the paper work. There’s the struggle to meet expectations or to go beyond it. And then there’s all the stupid crap of a talk some people decide to create – like how heavy my lil’ girl is and?how come she’s not crawling yet let alone walk.

Come on, man. Give us a break. Look at Dy. Look at me. Don’t ya think she’s the correct size for the parents? Don’t make me instigate my lil’ girl to give you the tight slap she’s capable of giving. Seriously, don’t f*cking tell me to let her eat less. I won’t starve my child so that she’ll lose weight. She’s a growing baby and she needs the amount of nutrients she gets from her rice, veg and meat. She’s drinking milk only 3 frigging times a day and eating 2?servings of?porridge?a day. And even if she does it, sometimes she doesn’t even finish it and would rather play or sleep. It’s not like I feed her chocs and ice-cream and stuff. So before you flap your lips about how I feed my child, get your facts right.

Look. Sure, your children are in the somewhat SMALL or of ACCEPTABLE shape and size that you guys want them to be. What’s wrong with being different? This is the problem. This is how children grow up with such low self-esteem. They are already compared to as babies. Like, what fuck?

Sometimes, when I look at how Aaliya perseveres to do new things or push her trolley along like a Frankenstein learning to walk, I feel sad for her. I feel sad that as she grows, there will bound to be people who can’t shut the fuck up. Who would rather pick on the small little negatives and ignore the many big positive things she do. Who would rather make a fuss of the minor things that they see than praise her for what she is really capable of.

But to them, I say, fuck you. Really. Fuck off.

Hmm… my blood go upstairs already.?I guess I’ll just have to watch another episode of Supernatural now.

Need. sleep. too.

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*Looking back… and Back-dated…*

By Freek at 9:50 pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thought I’d just share this.




Time does go by VERY fast.? This not so lil’ anymore baby of mine will turn 10 months in?3 more days. And then it’ll be 2 more months to her first birthday. RSVP me, yah, if you guys interested to come. Will send the details to you.

And I’m a-liking the new shop for kids in TM. Has really princessy headbands and stuff. Cuteness. Pinkness.


Believe it or not, despite all the hype about Twi/light, I have watched it only NOW? I mean, Dy & I usually just wait to download movies rather than hop down to the movies, so when Twil/light finally was downloadable, download we did. Pardon me for being so back-dated, yeah?

So, NOW, I understand all the hype and swoonings of some of the bloggers I’ve read. For me, the?Ed guy’s?younger than my younger bro, so, I’d stop at just saying how great his eyes are, which, Dy agrees too. But, from the time I watched it yesterday night, up till now (yes, even while I was teaching), 1?line from the movie kept replaying in my head along with how heartfelt it was said.

Just 1 line, that made me feel really… woah. And I’m not really into the whole love-love movie?thing.

“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

I think that sentence’ll stay in my head for a while.

If I was younger, I’d prolly go gaga over this guy by now.

But, nah, I’ll stick to my older men. Dy, GB, DJ and some I can’t really remember right now since I’ve still got that frigging?line in my head.

“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”


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By Freek at 9:45 pm on Monday, March 23, 2009

Currently, Aaliya knows how to give kisses. Hehe. The kind where she moves towards you herself, and plants a ‘smooch’ with her mouth wide open. After kissing, she’ll clap her hands cos’ I always encourage?new and right things?she does by clapping hands and so she’s in the habit.

She does it especially when you lie down beside her and ‘sleep’. She’ll move towards the sleeping person, and kisses. Hehe. Which is what I always use to wake Dy up these days. I’ll get her to move towards Dy, and kiss him. (although sometimes when she gets tired of kissing and gives a tight slap when?he doesn’t wake up. *lol*) Either way, it’s such a wonderful sight to see her being able to do more things now than before. She especially loves kissing babies! When she sees a baby, she makes so much noise to make you bring the baby nearer, afterwhich she’ll kiss the baby. (Though one time, she suddenly smacked her cousin Nashibah on the head after kissing her?which taumatised me cos’ I was carrying the few week old baby at that time.. this girl has quick hands.. goodness)

And oh,?Aaliya knows how to ‘salam’ by kissing a person’s hand too! Loving, loving it.

Am glad that I’ve been able to see her development for the past week of holiday. Especially when I get to cook for her. This girl now eats rice. Tried chicken rice and she also eats it, with lots of soup. Alhamdullilah, she’s been able to take it and her stomach’s adjusting well to it. Am training her to eat vege too so she doesn’t end up like Dad the Carnivore. =p

Anyhows, congrats to Herman a.k.a Declone and wifey Hidayah(Winnie) on the birth of their baby boy, Hasif. He really looks like the dad but hey, babies change as they develop. And to the 2 new parents, welcome to the club!


And if you’re wondering what my title means, it’s just one of Aaliya’s favourtie word at the mo’. “Attay, attay”. Hehe.



“Attay” sounds like “Adik”, doncha think? *lol*


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*Bugger.. it’s a Tuesday…*

By Freek at 3:08 pm on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gosh, Monday was over so fast. Sigh. Currently having a love-hate relationship with Friday. I can’t wait for the gathering this Friday but at the same time, Friday means the term break is almost over. Which is a bummer. Really.

Anyhows, if you had been to Toa Payoh Hub last Saturday, you probably had seen a naked baby being carried around the area. Heh. Due to a wardrobe malfunction (Aaliya pooed all the way up to ther dress in the car), Dy & I had to go get some clothes for her at the Kiddy Palace there. So, only in her Pampers, with her chunky thighs and body exposed for the world to see, I carried her all the way ignoring the looks of passers-by. However, upon reaching the car, found that Dy had already brought a spare set of clothes which he forgot all about. But no matter, more clothes for her is always good. Heh. Shall not talk about the IT Show @ Suntec, though. I hope to NEVER go there again.

She’s been able to eat cooked food now. Been cooking her rice (a bit to the porridge side) and putting in vege/meat/chicken into them. However, like me, she likes bread more. I’m thankful that this holiday, I’ll get a chance to cook food for her. And Dy. Tsk. But it’s already a Tuesday. *sulks* Ah well, shall make the best of it.

It has been fun these past few weeks. Aaliya has turned out to be a little drama queen. When I ‘scold’ her, she would first give the Puss-in-Boots-in-Shrek look with her big, round?eyes looking at me asking for sympathy. If that doesnt work, she’ll squint both her eyes in the saddest way possible and give the most melancholic downturned smile as if asking for mercy. Hehe. Kalau bab being drama mama, pastinya bukan dari aku lor.?When she gets near her lil’ cousin, she would bring her body forward cos she wants to kiss the little girl. But if you really look closely, this daling of mine actually puts her pout on the baby to lick her. *lol* It’s also been fun to see her smiling all the time. Like my colleagues say, she’s a happy and friendly baby. When we put her on the supermarket trolley, she’ll be kicking her legs around, clapping and smiling. Like the other day, she waved at one salesperson and clapped her hands at the cashier. Heeh. Orang geramkan pipi dia tu bila dia senyum. Dan paha!

?Tell me, what’s not to like?


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