*Of babes and baby…*

By Freek at 9:01 pm on Monday, April 27, 2009

I’ve been AWFULLY busy these past few days or more than a week I should say. I shall not elaborate cos’ it’ll only bring such heart pain.

Anyhows, a shout-out to my babe Witt, who turns a fresh 17 (+10) years of age today. With a very, very nice prezzie from her Big Ben. *wink*wink*


Other babes who have also turned that number are…




My apologies if I had not wished you guys via sms or anything. Sometimes, age catches up with me. Not that I forgot in the first place but when I get the time to actually do it, I forget. Sigh.

And to my one and only lil’ precious, tomorrow’s the 28th, so…


Back to work.


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By Freek at 2:47 am on Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aaliya will be 11 months old in just a matter of 9 days.

She has FINALLY started to crawl. I know it’s kinda late for her age but yeah, for someone who has chunky thighs and even chunkier butt, it’s quite a progress. That’s 12 kilos of weight resting on her fours, mind you. But yeah, alhamdullilah, she’s developing well at her own pace. I’m glad her teeth are not out yet cos’ this girl has a… erm.. sweet tooth.? Heh. Made a few of these during the long weekend last week.




“Ibu” is a difficult word to say, unlike “mama” or “mak” which she has countlessly said in her daily baby gibberish. So, I’m quite contented that she has managed to say “A-bufffff” with all her saliva sprinkling on my face as she does it. Hehe. She follows my bro really well, though. When he says “Hello”, she’ll always “Hello” him back. So, I’m glad she’s learning albeit different things with different people. And oh, bought htese the other day. If there are white sandals for men, I’ll buy one for Dy. Cos’ he dared me to. =p


It’s very difficult to get my girl to do anything for the camera cos’ she’s spontaneous and I’m not fast enough to record her and most times, she’ll just stare at the v-cam with a “Wassat?” look on her face. But at Witt’s request, here is Aaliya’s vid which I was fast enough to take just today.

The weather has been awfully harsh of late. Last Sunday, got myself a lil’ bit of a fever which kinda escalated on Monday. But didn’t wanna miss the HML class I had to teach in the afternoon so, braved myself through the day. Tuesday though, couldn’t take it so I had to report sick for the day. It’s rare for me to get fever, flu, sore throat all in one go, but like I said, the weather, coupled with going in and out of aircon to outside temperature, it takes a toll.

Anyhows, am kinda stressed up with XM papers in need of vetting and all. I shall not blabber too much, but I’m just appalled by some things related to the aforementioned. *shakes head*smirks* And this upcoming week, I have an observation to go through and then there’s the worry of not being able to cover lots with the kids. Sunday, will be the day I’ll have to finish up all worksheets for the week + XM papers + observation + lesson planning. Sigh, enough to make me fall sick again, but I’m just perking myself up by thinking of the upcoming holidays. How excited am I for that?

This excited…

Bestnya jadi bayi. The simplest of things can excite you.

Good day, y’all.

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*Of babies… and diet…*

By Freek at 11:19 am on Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Mount Alvernia baby boy born on April Fool’s Day. Just like Witt’s Big Ben and Pe’ah. Hehe. The 1st April part, I mean.


I am taking in all the baby boy blessings at the mo’. It’ll be great if my no. 2 is a boy. Can close factory. *lol* But if it’s a girl also, it doesn’t really matter. Aaliya will have a partner to play ‘masak-masak’ with. And it’ll be another excuse for me to buy accesories and doll my princesses alike. Heh. Factory will still?be closed too. It’s just too expensive living?these days. It’ll be great to have 4?or more kids like our mothers have, but then, looking at how some big families are struggling and applying for help here and there, I don’t think I can or want to.

And no, I’m not having no. 2 at the mo’.? =p? Nothing wrong in looking ahead, right? Even if it’s miles and miles?away. =p

My menses have gone completely haywire. It’s always late by 2 days from the previous date. Thinking it’s probably the stress or changes to my cycle. And also due to my ‘gone-bonkers’ diet. Been snacking at work instead of having meals. Been eating lots and lots of peanuts. Gosh. Shall prolly stop snacking. Will start starving myself. I’m getting more-and-more horizontally challenged. Which pretty much worries me. I’ll have to lose weight before I start thinking of baby no. 2.

And, oh. My luck finally ran out.

3rd of April.


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