By Freek at 12:47 am on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

These days, eventhough it’s the hols, am very pressed for time.

Preparations for that **** thingy very the tedious.

Imagine spending ONLY 1/2hr for Sims3 or whatever time I have of my rest time at home which technically, isn’t enough, plus ironing plus tidying here and there plus playing with the lil girl before I succumb to sleep. TIRING! Preposterous.

Today, from being a teacher, I became a ‘postal worker’ and then a ‘postwoman’. Yes. A postwoman. Complete with the getting-barked-at-dogs and noise-in-the-home-but-nobody-bloody-opens-the-door kinda cliches.

Oh AMK. Start your lift-upgrading projects already.

So, I definitely needed some relaxation. Though it meant lesser time for my baby girl since I won’t be at home till Thurs due to staff retreat, (I”LL MISS HER! AND MY ORIGINAL BABY TOO..), it was too hard to resist. Managed to get the tix for Transformers 2 today @ CS. Though the sexual and sexy parts were irrelevant I thought, I guess they have to cater to the male hormones. As if the fight and comic scenes weren’t enough. *rolls eyes*

Cos’ I thought the fight, storyline and comic moments were fucking awesome. I’d pay to watch it again. Fucking awesome. And I shan’t strike that F-word cos’ it’s really fucking awesome. Spoiler ahead. And oh, cried when Optimus died. Just like I did for Gandalf & Kong. *lol*

Next up – Harry Potter. Though I’m tempted to watch The Ugly Truth for Mr-you-know-who, don’t think I can since movie prices are steep these days. Browsed through the schedules for 2009 movies and I don’t think I have any other movies anticipated for 2009 anymore.

Save for New-Moon, of course. Hurrah!

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By Freek at 4:41 pm on Sunday, June 7, 2009

I just saw the New-Moon-trailer. Is looking real good. Am excited to watch it. Even if Dy doesn’t wanna go watch it, I can use my birthday as a reason to drag him there since it opens 3 days before my 27th birthday. Gosh, that’s old.

Speaking of old, though the men I ogle at are usually older like, say, Mr Dean-Winchester or Mr-Leonidas in 300, I am not ashamed to admit though, that the 2 guys who play E & J are yummylicious too. *lol* Lookie here..


Ok, Dy’s gonna freek out with this entry, but hey, like my girl Witt says, we ARE entitled, right, babe? This boy’s just, you, know, boyishly cutelah. Doesn’t help that the character he plays in the book is even more loveable. Oklah, not like I’m a paedophile or something till I wanna ogle or drool at but he is kinda cute. You know, what’s wrong in appreciating cuteness? Haha. Saw him in that Shark-boy movie few year back, sooooo cute ni anak.

Oh well. Maybe I’m just a sucker for vampire and werewolve movies. Speaking of which, Mr Van-Helsing is so yummy too. Gosh. I am so way over my head here but hey, I’m entitled. Remember? Hey, if anybody remembers a certain vampire movie in the early 90’s about a gang of teen vamps, please tell me what the title is. I watched it as a kid and I liked it but well, it’s been many, many years since I was a kid. So yeah. *lol*

And on another excited note, can’t wait for tomorrow. Will be gone to KL till Saturday morning with Aaliya’s Uncle Noh & Auntie Suhaila.

So, till then.


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By Freek at 1:22 pm on Monday, June 1, 2009

Though Aaliya’s birthday was on the 28th, celebrating wasn’t really feasible considering it fell on a Thursday. So, we?did it on?Saturday. Initially, it was supposed to be done at a chalet, but, haiz, shall not talk about it again. It was a small affair with very few guests invited, didn’t take a lot of pictures since our digicam was down. Thanks to those who took the time to celebrate Aaliya’s first year mark with us. For those who could not make it, rugi, kek sedap, uuuuu… Heh… but thanks for the well-wishes, nonetheless.

So, we had a little makan-makan at our place for a few friends and then off to my aun’ts place for a BBQ cum Karaoke?party with family.

I ordered this cake from Myssaliana@multiply. It tasted really good, though I didn’t have the heart to eat the piece with Aaliya’s face. *lol* In fact, it’s still in the fridge!? Thanks for the cake, sis! And at the BBQ-Karaoke party, my mum ordered a Swensen’s Ice Cream Cake. Yum, yum!





Our tiny little abode is running out of space to park Aaliya’s throng of vehicles. Thank you, all, for the prezzies. Thanks to Auntie Suhaila & Uncle Noh for the vouchers, though it’s waaaaaayy?too much! Never mind, will blanja you guys in KL next week.


?And also, to my sis’ friend who gave Aaliya this gorgeous Dora diaper cake. Thanks!


Prior to the celebration, though, we brought my lil’ girl to the doc’s. She had been coughing hard the day before. Though the doc gave me some not so nice news, I’m gonna make sure that I’ll do whatever I can for him & her. I’m a mother. And it’s on me to take care of them.?


I love you, Syaimah Aaliya Binte Mohammad Shaifudin.

And here’s to growing up!

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