By Freek at 9:01 pm on Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I know I’ve been rather elusive about things of late. But it’s all for good. I mean, for someone like me, who has encountered THAT?bad experience before, I’m more susceptible to being both positive as well as negative. As much as I wanna be positive about it, being negative might just help me cope in case history repeats itself.

Actually, Dy & I didn’t really expect this. It came to me as a surprise since I really didn’t expect it at all. But God works in mysterious ways and despite my disbelief in this new development actually happening, I felt rather blessed.

Though it may be a bit too soon, I’d still like to say Alhamdullilah that so far, things have gone well as it should. I’m experiencing the same things I did previously, like the nausea, the vomitting and even the acute sense of smell which makes me hate all things overwhelmingly nice-smelling and smelly. My appetite is slightly better than before which means that, the hyperemesis gravidarum and the whole warded-into-hospital-twice episodes prolly won’t hit me, unless it decides to hit me later.

But, yeah, though I envy my colleague who, incidentally is in the same boat as I am minus those things I mentioned above.. in fact,?hers will be?just ONE day?AFTER mine?, I thank God for this blessing. My boat will prolly rock harder in this initial stage, but He’ll make sure that the ride will be smooth sailing after all that if He wills it so. And all I gotta do, is place my faith in Him.

Pray for me and the new one, who I shall?refer from now on, as Baby A2. (Aaliya used to be Baby A, remember? heheh…)

And here they are, my (Insyallah) TWO little wonders @ their 8th weeks scan.

Syaimah Aaliyasyaimahaaliya

?Baby A2babya2-8wks

?And in case you have trouble deciphering what is what, in Aaliya’s scan, I THINK she has her back facing us, thus she just looks like a spot of white thingy. If you see her 7th week scan, it’s even more undecipherable. But one thing’s for sure, her head is on the right side.

Anyhows, as for Baby A2, he/she is facing towards Aaliya’s newborn pic (North-East). Pretty much looks like this.?See that round thing which looks like a singh-turban? Gynae said it’s something like the nutrients pumping into him/her. I believe the eye socket is that black dot looking at Aaliya’s newborn pic. And if you kinda see it like Baby A2 is posing with both hands at the back of his/her very tiny head, then you are not alone. Most of those I showed, thought that was it. *lol*

Pray for us, yah?


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