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By Freek at 11:55 am on Sunday, January 17, 2010
  • Finally got my wedding ring resized and one of the missing diamonds replaced. Cost me 100bux. The ring looks new now. Am in love with it all over again.
  • I really have no more time for Facebook games these days. Sigh. But must make it a point to practice on the Guitar Hero when I get back after school. My fingers are getting stiff!
  • Things in school are starting to settle. I’m a bit uneasy about my marking load though. 5 levels of CME means about 130 odd CME books to mark a week aside from my 50 essays and workbooks, exercise books and worksheets to be marked. Hopefully, I get a bit of leeway for that CME marking part.
  • 1 more week till Baby A2 reaches 5months.?Will be meeting the gynae next Monday for 5th month screening. Hurrah!
  • Found?the Guess bag Dy and I saw back during KL trip, in Isetan Tamp. Damn! Naturally, he didn’t let me buy since he already stipulated “No more bags for 4 years” when I bought the Burberry wallet. Bleargh!
  • Tween-O bought some cute stuff from Korea for Aaliya. Thanks!!
  • Can’t wait for quick JB trip this coming Sat.
  • We finally watched Avatar 3D! *lol* Maybe one of the last few people to go, but the cinema was still full house when we went. The show was really good. I guess 4 years of making with almost 1/2 a billion spent, was worth it.
  • Some pupils are already asking me about my bump. “Cikgu, are you pregnant?” “Nolah, I just happen to have swallowed a balloon.”
  • Had a surprise when a simple matter got blown out of proportion. Really pissed (and is still) pissing me off. Sometimes, people just don’t like how I rationalise things, eventhough they know how true it is.
  • I have to make a distinction between my normal voice and teacherly voice. Apparently, I don’t realise I use the teacherly voice outside of class. Some people don’t like it. My apologies, I shall try to?remember to switch to the right voice mode when conversing outside the classroom.
  • This is Aaliya’s new pendant:


And on that note, till we meet again, peepz.

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