*1 month….*

By Freek at 3:42 pm on Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nope… Aaliya isn’t a month old yet. She will be 4 weeks old this coming Wednesday, though. But based on the day she was born, which is 28th May, she’ll be a month old this coming Sat. Hmm.. I’m confused.

Anyhows, what I meant by 1 month is, the 1 month June hols is coming to a close already which also means, I’m left with slightly more than 2 more months of maternity. Goodness me. Time flies by so fast. Thank goodness though I’ve applied for unpaid so, I’ll only be back in school in Term 4. Aaliya’s growing bigger by the day and Dy, finally will start his NIE education. Despite how fast things are whizzing past, I feel blessed anyways.

Oooo, I’ve lost another 5kgs which means I’ve eliminated 15kgs of my pregnancy weight. Another 10kgs, and I’ll be back to my original post NIE size (which, somehow along the way, underwent a series of weight fluctuations). Hehe. It feels almost impossible considering I can’t wait to lay my hands on cold drinks and ice-cream again. Literally, my mum has put me on cold turkey on those stuff with being in confinement and all. But I suppose being denied all those things, worked. Looking at my pics from 3-4 years ago or even my wedding photos sometimes motivate me but on some days, makes it feel like a looOOoog way to go. Haha. So, let’s try to shed a few more kilos, shall we? I’ll see how long I can keep this up even after confinement period.

Iboo shall try. Heh. Ganbatte-ne~

(P/S: FYI, Iboo = Ibu. *lol*)

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Comment by Dila

June 24, 2008 @ 1:15 pm

kakak… Aliyah mcm dah 1 mth plus ehh.. hehehe… semangat… This morning i sakit perut… hehehe tapi tak tau sakit perut aper….Maybe this is what they call braxton hicks contractions.. hehehe…tapi dah ok da…hehehe….kak, lagi 2 minggu dah hoorray2 bole mkn junk food k… :>

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Comment by Freek

June 24, 2008 @ 3:35 pm

Hehe.. my Aaliya memang tembamlah sangat.. ikut maknya.. wakaka.. some people even think dia 2-3months.. heh. Well, nak dekat2 masa, memang macam2 sakit datang. Remember to breathe and selawat je. =) And yes, hooray~

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Comment by Dila

June 27, 2008 @ 1:49 pm

Alrite…thanks alot kak… I will…. 😉

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