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By Freek at 1:33 pm on Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today onwards, I’ll be cooped up at home,. Will try to.. erm.. lose a bit of weight? Ahakz. Right. Anyways, here’s a reason I’m having flutterings in my stomach.

Went Dy’s cousin’s wedding yesterday.

Apparently, pelamins with chandeliers are the in-thing these days.
Hmm… Couldn’t help feeling a little queasy since my own will be just this coming Sunday at about this time I’m typing this entry.

It has been raining this past few weeks. It did yesterday, too. Which brings me to how I’d cross the carpark to the reception area next Sunday if it poured like it did. Cos’ I’d definitely be tempted to play in the rain. *lol* Well, another problem would be Dy’s procession. No doubt they’ll be just walking along the carpark since we’re just blocks apart. But, yeah, kompang-ing in the rain?

Good thing for the guests, the bus-stop has a shelter right to the makan area.

Ok, enough. Shan’t work myself up.

Had my annual staff dinner yesterday. Retro-theme. Didn’t dress up. Just got meself a polka-dot belt and inner scarf. Heh. Here you are.

As usual, I didn’t win anything in the lucky draw. Pfft. Aight, off now. Adios.

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