*A safe place….*

By Freek at 8:12 am on Thursday, March 9, 2006

I guess, sometimes we really can consider Singapore a relatively safe place to live in.

For example, I was on the bus yesterday and this lady was sleeping very comfortably on the seat with her bag firmly clutched under her arms, her body almost sliding down the seat, her legs a little apart and her head nodding away to the side. I guess she must have been really exhausted from work and was deep in sleep but she didn’t have any qualms on sleeping the way she did.

And everyday, when I board from my bus-stop, I will see a P1 student from my school here in A.M.K, in the bus, by himself. Initially, some days back, he took it with his mum or something. But recently, he has been taking the bus all by himself. A foreign student, all of 7-years old. Now, that’s really something.

Cikgu K. kata, mungkin mak dia tawakkal jer. Aku pulak kata, tawakkal ke… takde akal? Budak P1 seyy!

Ah well.

Anyways, with the elections around the corner, I’m just a little bogged down by the fact that I might not even be called for duty for my constituency. It would have been tiring but fun. Haiz.

Aight, am off for class. Toodles~

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